Craig Cannonier was sworn in as Premier at Government House. *File photo by
Craig Cannonier was sworn in as Premier at Government House. *File photo by

TUESDAY, DEC. 18: Your Excellency, Colleagues, family members, Friends and fellow Bermudians,

Thank you all for this moment.

I am both humbled and excited;

Excited for my country and our people.

Because the election expressed their desire for a fresh start

For change toward a new future together;

A future that embraces everyone, and overlooks no one.

This is the future we can all believe in,

Building together,

Supporting each other for the benefit of all.

This is the work we begin today.

This is the work we believe in.

This is the work we are committed to…

Building a Bermuda that works for all our people.

My Friends,

We are going to use this election to bring about two big changes to Bermuda:

First, we are going to get this economy working again for people.

There is no more important task right now than to grow jobs to end the hardships felt by thousands of families.

And second, we are going to bring people together.

We’re going to reach out to everyone, building cooperation and support.

Eliminating all forms of discrimination

Extending the absentee ballot to our students abroad, making this the last election they are denied a voice in the decisions of this country.

And to the many Bermudians living abroad, who left for a job or who fled intolerance, I want to send a simple message:

‘Come back to us. Come back to build the better Bermuda we know we can build. Your country needs you. Your country needs all your skills, and all your dreams, right here at home, where they can flower best.’   

Let this be the start of Bermuda’s renaissance,

With trust and cooperation

With people working together

Moving forward, arm in arm, as one people, one Bermuda.

My friends,

It is time to believe in this great country.

It is time to believe in each other.

It is time to pick up the tools to build anew.

We have so much within our grasp, so much talent, so many good people.

Let’s seize this moment for a better Bermuda.

To make this a country that works for all our people.

This is the moment. This is the day, to start moving forward together 

For a Bermuda that achieves social and economic equity for all, leaving no one behind.

That’s the promise of this election. That’s the change we need.

And now it is up to us to make it happen.

On behalf of my colleagues, that is my commitment to you.

Thank you all. Thank you Bermuda.

God bless you all and God bless our beautiful Island.