SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9: Both political parties traded blows over the idea of creating a Spending and Government Efficiency Commission today.

The OBA came out first claiming the commission would control wasteful Government spending.

And then the party accused Minister Government Glenn Blakeney of suffering a bout of amnesia, when he said the commission would result in “radical and destructive cuts.”

An OBA spokesperson said "Perhaps he should have checked with the Premier before making those utterances.

"In a ministerial statement to Parliament last December, the Premier stated: The Government will establish an efficiency team, comprising staff from the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Finance and the private sector.

"The efficiency review that will take place throughout ALL Government ministries will ensure that we are delivering our services in the most efficient manner.

"It seems electioneering has caused Mr. Blakeney to suffer amnesia, because the Premier’s plan – did it ever happen? – sounds exactly like a SAGE Commission.

"The Government is speaking out of both sides of its mouth on this issue – hoping people won’t remember what it says from one day to the next.

"It appears to be all for an ‘efficiency team’, but now, in the heat of an election, it is against an efficiency team going by the name of a SAGE Commission."

But the PLP hit back saying that the Opposition were 'pretending" the SAGE Commission was something new.

A PLP spokesman said: "If the Cuts & Pain Commission is no different than what the PLP has already put forward in terms of belt tightening, what's the use in pretending it's something new?

"Mr. Richards should instead be giving credit to the PLP for already taking the very action that he recommended!

"It is time for Bob Richards to come clean. If they are indeed going to claim that they can increase spending and cut taxes to the tune of $500 million while simultaneously reducing the debt, then, rapid and radical cuts will have to be made.

"If the Cuts & Pain Commission is going to be something different than what we've already implemented, then, major cuts will have to be on the table. It is time for the OBA to come clean and tell us exactly what they plan to cut."