Wayne Furbert *File photo
Wayne Furbert *File photo

MONDAY, DEC. 3: Good afternoon.

Thank you for joining us.

Today, as a former member and leader of the United Bermuda Party, I'm here to verify several facts.

First, I can confirm that I saw the UBP secret [document] with my own eyes. I can verify that it exists and that it includes the recommendation that Michael Dunkley's profile was too high and that, and I quote, "black surrogates" should be used. I can also verify that [the election loss in key constituencies was blamed on] I quote "downscale" and "less educated" Bermudian voters.

Second, …[name of consultant removed] was a paid influential strategist with the United Bermuda Party in the 2003 election, the 2007 election and as far back as I can remember. He was deeply involved in strategy at the highest levels. I've been made to understand that … [name of consultant removed] remains an influential strategist with the OBA.

… I am encouraging my former colleagues, Dr. Grant Gibbons, Mr. Michael Dunkley and Mr. Glen Smith to come clean and 1) confirm that there is a report, 2) that … [name of consultant removed] wrote it and 3) that the report was a strategy to help the old UBP guard regain power.