On-screen team: Charmaine Burgess and Glenn Jones. *Photo supplied
On-screen team: Charmaine Burgess and Glenn Jones. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 21: A TV campaign will be launched tomorrow night to encourage people to vote on December 17 — and to get to know their polling station.

MediaHouse’s Glenn Jones will join news anchor Charmaine Burgess for the special show, while correspondent Dianne Brewer will show people how to fill out a ballot paper correctly.

Parliamentary Registrar Randy Scott added that a series of TV adverts will also publicise the importance of using the vote.

Nearly 44,000 people have registered to vote – a record for Bermuda.

Mr Scott explained that boundary changes mean that many people will have moved constituencies, which could cause confusion.

And he added that key dates — including nomination day for Parliamentary candidates and advance polling opportunities — will also be highlighted.

Mr Scott said: “What we are aiming to do is pass on to people what the voting requirements are and to make sure people are aware where all the polling stations are.

“I think people will really appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this.”

The show will air at 8pm on VSB 11 and on BSN Channel 82.

The TV show and ad campaign was prepared by producer/creative director Amir X, with assistance from Assistant Parliamentary Registrar Tenia Woolridge.

Mr X said: “It will tell people in every constituency where they have to vote and there will also be an interview with Randy Scott to advise of important dates.

“We really want to encourage people to exercise their right to vote – that’s the overall aim of the entire campaign.”

The Parliamentary Register closed on Friday and was published earlier this week, but there will be a seven-day window where corrections can be made if needed.

Nomination day for candidates is on Thursday, November 29 at the Seventh Day Adventist church hall on Hamilton’s King Street.

Advance polls for those who will be off the island on December 17 will be held at the same venue on December 11 and 12 between 8am and 8pm.

Staff from the Parliamentary Registrar will also visit rest homes and hospitals on December 13 to allow incapacitated people to cast their votes.

Certificates allowing people to use the advance polling days will be issued certificates by the Parlimentary Registrar’s office between December 4 and 12.