THURSDAY, OCT. 18: Crisson’s is closing its jewellery shop at 71 Front Street and moving its contents into the main store just down the block.

The company is reorganizing “to more efficiently manage” its inventory.

Two employees will be retired in the move.

It will also be able to give more prominence to its art gallery.

Susan Millar, vice president and general manager of HS & JE Crisson Ltd, said: “After thirty-one years, we have decided to re-launch and re-brand our shop at 71 Front Street.  

“The Crisson and Hind African Art Gallery will shortly move from its present location of the past fourteen years on the second floor to expand onto the ground floor.  

“We anticipate many exciting additions to the gallery in this new and larger space during the coming year.”

She added: “Our jewellery shop on the ground floor will be integrated with our recently remodeled flagship location at 55 Front Street.  

“This improvement will enable us to display all of our numerous collections to world class standards in this superior environment whilst also enabling us to achieve greater efficiencies with our inventories.   

“Our 55 Front Street location comprises ten thousand square feet of shop space and was fully remodeled in 2011. We have been in this location since 1991.”

Ms Millar said the other Crisson locations on Queen Street, Dockyard and the Fairmont hotels remain unaffected.

“Undoubtedly, there will be some speculation that these changes are the result of the present economic climate. To some extent this is true in that we have recognized the need to more efficiently manage our very valuable inventories and have as well initiated the retirement of two employees.

“Nevertheless, we have been aware for several years that our flagship 55 Front St is our primary investment and that our 71 Front St shop is well suited for new projects and opportunities such as we are now undertaking.”  

It marks the third business this month to announce it was closing down a Front Street branch.

Yesterday Coopers announced it was closing its Harbourside shop and amalgamating it into the other branches.

Earlier this month the Bermuda Sun broke the story that Carole Holding was shuttering the windows on its Front Street store.

Washington Mall retailer All Wrapped Up also announced it was closing up shop after 17 years in business.