MONDAY, SEPT 24: A 22-year-old student broke down in tears in court this morning after she pleaded guilty to threatening and assaulting a police officer.

Jasmine Hendrickson admitted to the incident, which happened in Pembroke on September 22.

The court heard at 10:50pm that day, police officers were on duty outside Chewstick. About 20 people were outside after a music event.

Crown counsel Cindy Clarke said Hendrickson walked out of the venue drinking a bottle of beer. She walked past two officers who told her she shouldn’t be drinking in public.

Hendrickson spat on the street and continued to walk away. The officers caught up with her and again warned her about drinking in public.

Ms Clarke told the court Hendrickson asked the officer where she was from and the officer told her it didn’t matter.

Hendrickson then said: “It does matter. F**k you b***h.”

She was arrested and shouted “f**k you b***h” about 20 times.

The defendant then lunged at the officer to head butt her, and spat on her hand and wrist.

Addressing the court, Hendrickson said: “I don’t recall all of that information.

“All I know is that I felt that I was mistreated and I reacted.

“I didn’t mean to upset nobody.

“I just liked blacked out.”

She also admitted she was under the influence of alcohol.

Asked who she is by Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner, Hendrickson told the court she is a student at Bermuda College studying web development and graphic design.

Mr Warner said he could send Hendrickson to jail for 10 days, which prompted her to cry and say: “I am a dedicated student now and 10 days would definitely make me fail.”

She also said she would give up alcohol and admitted she went “overboard” this past weekend.

Hendrickson’s mother stood up and addressed the court, telling Mr Warner her daughter had a 3.8 GPA and was a “brilliant” student.

“The last thing I expected was to get a phone call saying she was in this predicament,” she added.

Mr Warner ordered a social inquiry report and adjourned the matter to November 8. Hendrickson was given $2,000 bail and must adhere to a 9pm to 6am curfew.