Nasty bump: A woman required treatment after a bus hit a speed bump in Pembroke. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Nasty bump: A woman required treatment after a bus hit a speed bump in Pembroke. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, SEPT. 21: A woman needed medical treatment after a bus bounced over new speed bumps on a Pembroke road.

The woman required treatment from a doctor after passengers were jolted when the bus hit the recently-installed traffic-slowing measures.

A benefactor who helped with medical expenses for the woman – who has pre-existing medical conditions said: “One woman did have to see a doctor with regard to the bus hitting the raised speed too hard.”

He added: “It was a horrible ordeal for this woman to go through.

“She already has medical issues that she has to deal with on a daily basis and this was just one more thing adding to her misery.

“It wasn’t a large medical expense, but it was definitely a very unpleasant experience for her.”

It is understood that the Passenger Transport Board has already guaranteed to pay the medical expenses of anyone injured as a result of the incident.

The bus, said to have been busy with passengers, hit the speed bumps last Friday, although it is believed only one passenger, a middle-aged woman, required treatment.

Then-Minister of Transport Terry Lister in 2011 pledged to pay the doctors’ bills for two Canadian
tourists who suffered concussion and back injuries after a bus driver – unaware that new speed bumps had been installed in Somerset Village – hit them at speed.

He said the matter was in hands of the Ministry’s insurance company – but stressed that Government would honour its responsibilities.

Following the most recent incident, a  spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said: “The bus operator was unaware of the new speed bump in time to properly navigate the bump causing one passenger some discomfort.

“Immediately following the incident the operator checked with passengers to determine if anyone was injured. And, as per DPT policy, the operator subsequently submitted an incident report and the DPT’s insurer was notified.”