The HSBC Bermuda Home Sale runs through December 7. *File photo by Christina White
The HSBC Bermuda Home Sale runs through December 7. *File photo by Christina White

THURSDAY, SEPT. 20: If you are using your HSBC debit card, you stand a chance to win a $10,000 gift certificate.

It is all part of the HSBC home theme the bank introduced this week.

HSBC Bermuda is offering customers a series of home-related product and service demonstrations every Friday from 11am-1pm. in the HSBC Harbourview Centre (Ground floor lobby) beginning September 21.

Miguel Do Couto, senior manager, marketing and sales effectiveness, said: “We are providing an opportunity for our personal clients to connect with our business clients, in order to view creative ways to improve the home on any budget.

“Home improvement on any budget will include renovation ideas from local vendors offering customers a range of opportunities to consider from do-it- yourself projects to full service renovations. This initiative is part of our current

Home Sale, where we are providing special offers to clients who want to improve, protect and enjoy their largest asset.”

The HSBC Bermuda Home Sale includes discounts on a range of financial solutions including home equity loans and insurance. This new Home Sale initiative runs through December 7 and provides a range of special offers on home-related solutions including:

• Special Home Equity Loan Rate of 5.5%

• Special Home Equity Line of Credit of 5.25%

• Cash Back on new Home Buildings Insurance

• Reduced Mortgage Negotiation Fee

•Free Home Contents Insurance (up to $50,000) with a new Mortgage and new Home Building Insurance through HSBC

• Special Offers on “Green” Financing

In keeping with the home theme, all HSBC Bermuda Visa Debit Card transactions made in Bermuda from September 1 to October 31, 2012 will be entered into a draw for a chance to win gift certificates for the home from local stores including: The Living Centre, Electronic City, Harrington Hundreds Ltd., Sears and Island Glass.

The timing and prizes for the draw are as follows:

• 1 Prize Draw every two Weeks for a gift certificate valued at $2,500.

• 1 Grand Prize Draw at the end of eight weeks for a gift certificate valued at $10,000.

Mr Do Couto said, “HSBC Bermuda is pleased to encourage local economic activity by offering this additional incentive to our debit card holders, as well as providing a creative way to support our Bermuda-based business clients”.