MONDAY, AUGUST 27: A man who allegedly stole almost $2,000 of goods from a shoe store was today remanded into custody.

Devario Whitter, 29, was charged with entering Tuff Shoes on Court Street as a trespasser and stealing 10 pairs of sneakers and $720 cash, a total value of $1,960.

When asked to enter his plea, Mr Whitter said: “I don’t remember.”

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner recorded a not guilty plea.

The court was told an employee entered the store at 7pm on Friday and heard a noise from the storage room. The employee allegedly saw Mr Whitter with a large black trash bag filled with sneakers.

The defendant was chased out of the store and the employee called the police who arrested him Mr Whitter on King Street.

The matter was adjourned to November for trial and Mr Whitter was remanded into custody.