THURSDAY, AUGUST 16: A woman who threatened a teenaged relative over cat food and punched the police officer who came to arrest her was today released on bail.

Tara Burrows, 41, pleaded guilty to uttering threatening words to her relative, assaulting PC Bean and violently resisting arrest.

The incident happened last night.

The court heard at 8pm, the 15-year-old complainant was feeding Burrows’ cat and Burrows’ sister’s cat. She moved Burrows’ cat away from the feeding bowl to allow the other cat to eat.

The court heard Burrows became angry and started screaming and yelling at the complainant.

Crown counsel Carrington Mahoney told the court Burrows threatened the relative and moved aggressively towards her.

The complainant then locked herself in a bedroom until Burrows’ sister returned and called the police.

When officers tried to arrest Burrows, she became aggressive and started screaming and shouting. She tried to lock herself in the bathroom and continued to scream.

Mr Mahoney said Burrows punched the officer in his face. “The officer then tased her but she removed the prongs from her body and continued to resist.”

Police eventually subdued her.

The court heard Burrows was convicted in June of assaulting her sister Kimberley.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner said: “Certainly, these people have some domestic problems.

“On the face of the facts, it’s ridiculous that this matter, barring the assault on the police, should be before the court.

“This is not the place for this type of thing.

“It should be kept out of the court.”

Mr Warner ordered a social inquiry report and psychiatric report. He gave Burrows $1,000 bail and the matter was adjourned until October 16.