WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15: A man who cursed off police officers and threatened to fight Filipinos was today jailed for 30 days.

Michael Douglas, 32, pleaded guilty to using offensive words towards PC Simons in Sandys on June 5.

The court heard at 4:30am, officers attended a report in Dockyard of a loud and annoying person.

When they arrived, they saw Douglas standing across from Dockyard Pharmacy, shouting out various obscenities.

Officers told him to leave the area but Douglas said: “I’m not f**king leaving.

“Send me to the gallows.

“I am not leaving until I fight those f**king Filipinos.”

Officers told him to leave again, but Douglas said: “You just want to lock me up because I’m Michael Douglas.

“You guys are f**ked up.”

The court heard Douglas is currently serving a sentence for a similar matter and will be released on September 11.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner sentenced him to 30 days in prison to run alongside his current sentence.