SATURDAY, JULY 14: Bermuda security company has signed a $10 million a year deal with a hi-tech Indian firm.

And it's hoped the tie-up between Bermuda's GET Ltd and Micro Technologies (India) Ltd will lead to new business being generated in the Caribbean for both firms, according to The Economic Times.

GET president Kevin Smith said: "We are very happy to gain the opportunity to partner with Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. This new business partnership will help GET in securing not just Bermuda but the neighbouring Caribbean islands.

"Micro Technologies brings the next level of security solutions to Bermuda and our association will help us curtain the anti-social activity in the country to a large extent."

A spokesman for the Indian company said it would share its security products with GET in a deal worth $10 million a year.

The firm has already done work in Bermuda on the city surveillance project in the Hamilton area.

The spokesman added: "This pact give Micro Technologies the unique opportunity to cater to the banking, telecom and infrastructure sectors in the Caribbean markets.

"This move will help us further strengthen our position as the leading global developer and marketer of security solutions for our clients."

The firm specialises in surveillance equipment and disaster prevention, as well as in disaster recovery and mitigation.