Speed: The new Mercury 150 hp four-stroke engine on a Boston Whaler. *Photo supplied
Speed: The new Mercury 150 hp four-stroke engine on a Boston Whaler. *Photo supplied

Built rock-solid for the harsh Bermuda environment, the new Mercury 150 horsepower four-stroke engine delivers outstanding corrosion resistance and superb performance.

At only 455lbs, it is 20lbs lighter than the closest competitor engine, but has the highest displacement of any 150 horsepower four-stroke.

It delivers two-stroke torque with four-stroke efficiency.

This all new design engine incorporates 3.0 litres, normally associated with delivering well over 250 horsepower.

This only needs to deliver 150, and as such enhances durability and gives long-term peace of mind.


It is proven by over 10,000 hours of engineering and field testing, and features a robust 4.9 inch gear case housing larger, more durable components.  

It is constructed using low copper content aluminium and an 18-step paint process using Electro-Deposition, which bonds paint to metal throughout the engine — even internal water passages.

The electrical systems and connectors sit under a tightly-sealed cowling which uses a baffle to let air enter, but forces water to drain out.

This engine has exceptional durability and protection.

The re-design has involved looking at the smallest details, and includes a Mercury Focused Mount System, where the upper mounts are at 45 degrees to the engine centerline, thus virtually eliminating vibration.

The mounts are also remote from the high-temperature powerhead, where heat would normally reduce longevity. 

The class leading 3.0 litre displacement ensures lightening-fast hole shot and powerful top speed, and combined with the 4.9 inch gear case, the result is a perfect combination of performance, cruise speed fuel efficiency and boat handling on the heaviest of boats.

The new Mercury 150 horsepower is built for saltwater and has seen flawless results in waters as far apart at the Bahamas and Vancouver.

The engine is backed by a three-year corrosion warranty.

It also features a best-in-class 60 amp charging system straight to the battery at just 1,000 rpm, which is perfect for running a full load of electronics at trolling speed. 

The alternator is belt-driven to reduce heat and weight, is fully regulated at 14.2 volts, and is hard anodized for corrosion durability.


The exceptional power to weight ratio means outstanding fuel economy and less dollars spent at the pump — real value as pump prices continue to rise.

The engine has far less transom well interference, and a lower profile, making it easy to fish over and around, or to mount in a tight-fitting engine well.

It is flexible enough to accommodate mechanical or hydraulic steering, mechanical control/cable systems, and a full complement of either analogue or digital gauges. It can handle it all.

Under the cowl, the new Mercury 150 horsepower four-stroke has a convenient maintenance label, featuring a QR code which links to a series of step-by-step videos which show just how simple it is to perform basic maintenance.

There is a no spill oil change system and easy access to the fuel filter — which takes less than 30 seconds to change.

The engine is also the only one available with a valve train that requires no maintenance over the life of the engine.

It includes a three-year, non-declining factory-based warranty, a three-year industry exclusive corrosion warranty, and first class service support from Mercury-certified technicians.

The new Mercury 150 horsepower four-stroke is tough enough for the most extreme conditions, has been completely re-engineered in the wake of consumer feedback and needs, and is the ideal candidate if you are considering repowering your boat.

Come and see it at PW Marine — you will be surprised at the price, too.

Alan Brooks is the general manager of PW Marine, situated at 37 Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Contact 295-3232 or log onto www.pwmarine.bm