UBP leader Kim Swan and Chewstick Foundation founder Gavin Smith *Photo supplied
UBP leader Kim Swan and Chewstick Foundation founder Gavin Smith *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, MARCH 16: The Chewstick Foundation has taken over the organization of one of the island’s best-loved traditions — the Good Friday Horseshoe Bay Kite Festival.

The popular family event has been run by the United Bermuda Party since its inception more than four decades ago. The festival has attracted all walks of life from home and abroad to come to enjoy a quintessential part of Bermuda culture and community. The move will help to open up the event to the whole community regardless of their political affiliation.

Kim Swan, interim leader of the United Bermuda Party said: “I am appreciative of those who birthed this event, but my experiences have taught me that there are many things that are greater than politics, and this is one of them.

“We feel this is the right thing to do at the right time, to bring better unity in our community.”

Gavin Smith, executive director and founder of The Chewstick Foundation added: “It was indeed a surprise when we got the call, however we are proud to have been given the opportunity to take this legacy event and open it up to bring the entire community together and create even bigger impact, both within and beyond our shores.

“The Chewstick Foundation hopes that people can come to The Good Friday Horseshoe Bay Kite Festival in a spirit of togetherness, to honour our traditions while building toward a brighter future for Bermuda.”

To find out more about the Chewstick Foundation visit The Chewstick Headquarters in Hamilton, on the corner of Court and Elliott Street. For more information on the Chewstick Foundation’s programmes, services, and ways to get involved, visit www.chewstick.org,  e-mail info@chewstick.org or call them at 292-2439.