TUESDAY, MARCH 13: A 19-year-old today admitted using a stolen credit card to buy clothing and shoes.

Denzil Chase, of Hamilton Parish, was originally charged in Magistrates’ Court on February 28 with stealing a Chase Bank Visa card and a Citi Bank Visa card belonging to Krissana Nakjoo.

He maintained his not guilty plea on that charge but admitted dishonestly obtaining boots and socks from Boyles in St George’s to the value of $374 and clothing from English Sports Shop to the value of $84.95 by using the credit card belonging to Ms Nakjoo.

The crown offered no evidence on the charge of stealing.

His co-accused Eugene Bassett, 23, and Dejuan Simons, 23, pleaded guilty to dishonestly receiving stolen goods, the Chase Bank Visa card, knowing it was stolen.

Bassett, Simons and Ryan Richardson, 21, were also charged with dishonestly obtaining clothing, property of Robert Thomas, to the value of $1,825 by using the credit card belonging to Ms Nakjoo.

Bassett and Simons pleaded guilty while Mr Richardson denied the charge.

Bassett and Simons also admitted attempting to dishonestly obtain two TVs and a turntable from M&M International by using the credit card belonging to Ms Nakjoo.

The court heard the offences took place on December 12.

Crown counsel Tawana Tannock told the court Ms Nakjoo was visiting the island and was travelling on a rental bike.

On December 12, she left St George’s and stopped at Shelly Bay Beach, leaving a bag in the cycle’s basket.

When she returned to the cycle, the bag was gone.

It contained the Chase and the Citi Bank credit cards.

Ms Tannock told the court Ms Nakjoo called the banks to inform them that the cards had been stolen and was told there had been charges made on both.

As it relates to Chase, police executed a search warrant at his home after interviews with Bassett and Simons.

During a police interview, he said he found the credit cards on Radnor Road.

Chase admitted buying pizza at Pizza House in Shelly Bay then going to St George’s where he bought the items from Boyles and English Sports Shop.

He then went to Belvin’s Variety where he gave the card to Simons.

He told police he threw away the other card.

A social inquiry report was ordered for Chase and he was bailed to return to court with his co-accused on April 12 for sentencing.

Mr Richardson will face trial at a later date.