Are you a high school student wondering how you are going to afford to go to college in September?

Are you a Bermuda College student wondering how you are going to continue your degree at an overseas college in September?

Are you a university student already studying overseas and don’t know how to find out about what scholarships are being offered this year?

You can search online for all types of funding at

Are you a university student studying overseas who was not successful in gaining a scholarship last year?

Update your profile on and try again.

Each year in Bermuda millions of dollars are awarded to students pursuing further education, both here and abroad, and you could be one of them., a not-for-profit service supported by The Centre on Philanthropy, is the online resource for students looking for financial support for their education.

The website is a unique resource for students and parents looking for funding.


Students can browse the site to review the many options available to them, and when they have selected the scholarships meeting their educational criteria, they can register online to apply.

Students need to complete a profile application form, and once that has been completed and all the necessary documents have been uploaded, they can apply at the click of a mouse.

This year students may be able to upload their school transcripts directly to their profiles from their school office, using QuoVadis digital certification methods. 

This ensures that the entire process is confidential and that each student’s private information will only be shared with the award providers selected.

Students at schools and universities overseas will continue to have their official transcripts sent directly to the site administrators at PO Box HM 3217, Hamilton HM NX for uploading. 

Our website also features many helpful resources for students, including tips on interviewing, how to choose the best educational path, and dispelling myths about why students don’t apply for scholarships.

It also houses important information for parents and educators, to help them understand not only the scholarship process but how to budget for a college education.

With such a wide variety of scholarship opportunities in Bermuda, the site acts as a focal point for those pursuing further education and as a practical tool for ensuring that the funds available to students are fully utilised. is sponsored by ABIC, ACE, Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, KPMG, OIL Group of Companies, Renaissance Re and XL Insurance.

• The first award deadlines (mid-March) are fast approaching for the September 2012 school year, so students interested in applying should visit without delay.