Lofty goals: Jeremiah Steede is hoping to compete in three events at Carifta. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Lofty goals: Jeremiah Steede is hoping to compete in three events at Carifta. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 1: He may not be Bermuda’s tallest track and field athlete, but Jeremiah Steede may have the most heart.

The young hurdler and high jumper is seeking to make an impact in the Under-17 Boys group by competing in three events.

At 5’3” he surprises most people when he tells them he competes in the high jump, but Steede can more than hold his own against much taller competitors.

Having competed at the Carifta Games in Jamaica, he has a good idea as what to expect in terms of pressure, and he is not worried about the big crowds or the other athletes.

His coach Mike Watson has him focused and staying positive ahead of the Bermuda Carifta Games in April.

He spoke to Don Burgess about his big plans.

What was it like to compete in Jamaica at the Carifta Games?

It was a great experience and opportunity for me to see my competition. It was nerve-wrecking because I was the centre of attention.

Why were you the centre of attention?

I was the smallest one there.

What does it mean to have Carifta in Bermuda?

I’m proud to have it in Bermuda because it draws attention to our island and our local athletes.

And to be able to have your family and friends see you compete?

It shows that they love me and love what I’m doing?

How did you get your start in the sport?

Through my school (Dellwood), my mentor (Tiffany Swainson) and my nana (Paula Caisey).

What do you like about the sport?

I like it mainly for the fitness. One of my goals for the future is to be a track and field athlete.

Do you have a favourite event?

The high jump is my favourite because I like the attention it gives me. People don’t normally see a small person jump so high?

Who do you admire as runners?

Chris Estwanik, Chayce Smith and Lamont Marshall. They are good role models who encourage me.

When did you think you might have a talent in track and field?

A few years back when I was the champion boy my first year in middle school and broke the school record.

What’s the piece of advice you’ve been given with regard to running?

My coach Mike Watson told me “To always stay fit and healthy. No matter what, always think positive thoughts.”

Do you find it difficult to train five days a week and do your school work?

It’s a little difficult, but it’s also a little easy.

What sacrifices do you have to make to be a track athlete?

I’ve had to give up all my other sports that I like: basketball, football and cricket.

Besides being a track athlete, what else do you hope the sport helps accomplish for you?

To be offered a scholarship to run for a college and someday hopefully qualify for the Olympics.

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