A young model struts her stuff at Style and Fashion’s annual fashion show. *Photo supplied
A young model struts her stuff at Style and Fashion’s annual fashion show. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 25: Two women have taken it upon themselves to provide a place where young girls can go to learn all things beauty, fashion, etiquette and more.

Terrylynn Doyle started Style and Fashion in 1998.

After working with adolescents, Ms Doyle realised young girls needed a programme where they could learn life skills while building their self-esteem and thus Style and Fashion was born.

Bernadette McIntosh-Tucker joined the programme the following year and to date, they have worked with more than 500 girls.

The women focus on girls aged eight to 16.

Ms Doyle said: “It began with 12 participants back in 1998 and today the programme has grown to an average of 50 plus participants a year.

“Style and Fashion is a self-improvement programme that promotes the development of the participant socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.”

The programme includes etiquette classes, hair, nail and skin care, beauty treatments, diet and nutrition, career planning, resume writing, budgeting and more.

Style and Fashion runs on two terms, one is September and one in January.

Mrs McIntosh-Tucker said: “I was invited by Terry to work with her on Style and Fashion.

“As a person who loves working with and helping young adults, this was the perfect opportunity to expand from my teaching profession to assist young ladies in my community.”

Ms Doyle added: “I saw an opportunity where I could bridge my skills and experience with teenagers, my sense of community and my love of fashion.

“Voila, Style and Fashion.”

Asked how has the partnership has worked over the years, Mrs McIntosh-Tucker said: “I feel that Terry and I complement each other.

“Both of us have strengths and weaknesses, and we help and assist each other in every aspect of Style and Fashion.

“We both have areas of expertise and there are certain things I am solely responsible for and things that Terry is solely responsible for.

“We are both extremely busy, family-oriented people but we find time to dedicate to Style and Fashion in order to make it the success that it is.”

Asked how the programme helps young women with developmental skills, Ms Doyle said:

“Overall, we feel that Style and Fashion contributes to building self-esteem.

“We constantly teach young ladies to celebrate themselves, to be the best that they can be no matter what size you are, no matter what you look like physically.

“We talk about the importance of being educated women, just being the best that one can be.

“We teach life skills and me skills.”

Ms Doyle said there is an annual fashion show and annual internship/fashion camp in New York City.

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