Going for it: Alex Jones will be competing at the World Championships in Spain this March. *Bermuda Sun file photo
Going for it: Alex Jones will be competing at the World Championships in Spain this March. *Bermuda Sun file photo

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2: A snowball’s chance in Bermuda is slightly better odds than the alternative, but windsurfer Alex Jones will take it.

Jones would like to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics, but he basically has one more shot at making it.

Using old equipment, he has competed in several overseas events in his bid to make the Bermuda Olympic team.

His performances have usually left him at the back of the fleet while better financed and equipped sailors have taken the glory.

He said: “My odds as an amateur athlete are virtually nil, but I’m still going for it.

“I’m still training many hours a day and I will do the Olympic Qualifier but it’s a real long shot.”

The 2012 World Championships in Cadiz, Spain will serve as his last chance of making the start line for London.

“The top 38 countries in the world get slots. Generally, Australia doesn’t send someone unless they’re a medal contender so it’s really the top 39 countries in the world.

“The question is ‘can I make Bermuda one of the top 39 countries in the world?’

He said at the 2008 World Championships, the 39th qualifying country actually finished 96th once duplicate entries from other nations were eliminated.

“So can I finish well out of 120 athletes?”

Jones said his goal was to give him some margin for error, and he would like to finish in the top 80.

He believes that will be good enough to secure his Olympic berth.

“I’m going to spend my time training and go to the World’s in March on a wing and a prayer.

“It’s very difficult to get fast unless you’re lining up and sailing all the time against others.


“To be sailing by myself is pretty poor even though Bermuda is a great place to train — It’s going to be a train.”

Jones said his dad helps him with course work and he does get to train with Glen and Scott Mello from time to time.

“They are on equipment that is comparable. It’s a little faster, but I’m a little faster than them so it’s worth my while to sail with them.

“The reality is it’s about me perfecting my craft and if I want to get better from where I am now it’s going to take lining up with top guys and going to train.

“I have some fast equipment lined up for the World Championships because the equipment I’m sailing on is ancient and really slow.

“Hopefully, that will be enough to get me into the top 80 where I need to be.”