Harbourside development: An architect’s rendering of the completed Waterloo House on Pitts Bay Road which will offer prime office space and penthouse residential apartments. *Photo supplied
Harbourside development: An architect’s rendering of the completed Waterloo House on Pitts Bay Road which will offer prime office space and penthouse residential apartments. *Photo supplied
With demolition complete, Waterloo House on Pitts Bay Road will be Bermuda's newest and finest harbourside prime office/residential development.

It will feature unobstructed views of Hamilton Harbour, plenty of natural light, available boat berths, and penthouse residential apartments.

While it is a bit premature to accept pre-construction rental applications, Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty welcomes all inquiries about the project.

The development, according to Botelho Wood Architects, has been designed to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible by incorporating a number of energy saving and sustainable features.

Underfloor Air Distribution or UAD, coupled with high efficiency equipment, will reduce energy consumption and enhance the user’s comfort.

This system will be a first for Bermuda although the technology is proven and rapidly being adopted elsewhere.

Some advocates claim that pressurized-plenum UAD systems offer several advantages over traditional overhead Variable Air Volume or VAV systems.  In UAD applications, contaminates ‘collect’ near the ceiling outside of the breathing zone, so occupants breathe ‘cleaner’ air.

A UAD system can decrease the cooling coil load during warm weather and decrease the hours of mechanical cooling operation during cool weather.

According to experts, in some climates UAD systems may significantly reduce operating costs.

Tenants will benefit from glazing systems that will all be Low-E coated clear, fully tempered float glass.

Louvre sunscreens will reduce solar heat gain and maximize the thermal efficiency.

Low-E glass is a special glass that has a low rate of emission. In other words, if there is a heat source inside your building (or outside), the glass bounces the heat from that object back away from the glass.

So, in the winter months, much of the warmth inside is bounced back into the room. In the summer, the same thing happens but in reverse.

A centralized automatic low voltage lighting control system will be instal-led to control all lighting in the building on a ‘time’ based function and switch off lights after normal business hours.

Occupancy sensors will be provided in all public washrooms, storage rooms and throughout the office accommodation to automatically switch off luminaries when space is unoccupied.

A daylight harvesting system will be employed to further reduce energy cost by means of daylight sensors in office space to automatically switch off luminaries in proximity of exterior windows when sufficient natural light is present.

Daylight harvesting systems are typically designed to maintain a minimum recommended light level.

This light level will vary according to the needs and use of the space; for example, the commonly recommended light level for offices in North America is 500 Lux (or around 50 footcandles) on the desktop. 

Several studies have recorded the energy savings due to daylight harvesting with common savings for electric lighting in the range of 20 to 60 per cent.

Savings are very dependent on the type of space the light harvesting control system is deployed in, and its usage. The design will complement the existing waterfront and be packed with the amenities demanded by today’s sophisticated commercial clients.

Features include secure undercover car and bike parking for 59 cars, 54 motorbikes, 14 pedal bikes, seven berths, protected drop-off point during inclement weather, emergency power generation, and more. Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty can go over the floor plans with prospective tenants, who will see the two storey entrance on Pitts Bay Road with four elevators servicing the parking areas below and the upper office floors.

One elevator solely is dedicated to the rooftop apartments, accessed through a separate adjacent lobby. The development will encompass 89,428 square feet of new office space, plus seven new 2,863 square foot penthouse apartments for an estimated completion of spring/summer 2013.