The deadline for artists to submit material for Ride the Wave 2 is quickly approaching.

Continuing from the success of Ride the Wave last year, Bermudian artists have been contributing ­material for the second album due for release in April.

The first CD raised $40,000 for the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

With the deadline of March 15 quickly approaching, producer and creator Tony Brannon is encouraging artists to submit their material in time to be­

featured on the compilation.

This year, the record will be produced by Mr. Brannon and Michael Freisenbruch. Last year, it was ­produced by The Freisenbruch – Meyer Group.

“We’re getting sort of close to the hour in terms of wanting to get all the submissions in”, Mr. Brannon said.

“The response again has been brilliant.

“We have had lots of ­responses from people as young as 14, quite amazing really.

“I certainly think we’re going to have a record as good or if not better.”

He said the second record will be all original work with no covers allowed. 

 “The amount of talent in Bermuda is really good. We have got some great people who have submitted.

“It’s really, really good.”

Mr. Brannon also said they haven’t decided which charity will receive ­proceeds from the album.

In addition to the CD, the team will have a booth at Harbour Nights where records will be sold.

Mr. Brannon said local artists can provide their CD’s and have them sold at the booth.

Last year’s funds were used for the charity’s Breakfast For Every Child programme that ensures some of the island’s most needy children are properly nourished.

Artists hoping to contribte to the album so fare are Troy Anthony, Collie Buddz, Mishka, Gita Blakeney, Homegrown, Secret Po-Po, Magma, Prestege, Junior Steven & Squinty, TonyB & The Rainbow Valley Kids, Last Rights, Mikey Wild, Mia Chambray, Batwa Hi-Fi, Sweet Sess, Michael Cacy, The Kennel Boys, HindSight, Heather Nova & Uzimon.