As with all New Year’s resolutions, we begin the rebirth with a heightened awareness that we have to make changes in our lives and health.

It’s not just a matter of living longer, but living better.

Coronary issues are number one in that Bermuda’s resident population shows an increasing incidence of the obesity, diabetes and hypertension that are risk factors for cardiac disease.

An interview with Dr. Carl Levick, the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) chief of cardiology, discusses the newest partnership between BHB and Lahey Clinic. Cardiac Associates of Bermuda is the product of this collaboration and is moving forward with enhanced diagnostics and a plan for more wisely used medical resources.

Further, we offer an explanation of how cholesterol affects the ‘coronary tree’ from as early as the teen years. Cardiac patients and potential patients should discuss a referral with their primary health care provider to the cardiac nurse support and ‘Heartline’ classes KEMH offers.

The Bermuda Heart Foundation’s Simone Barton addresses the topic of how to avoid heart disease.

Donaldo Laurenceo of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Bermuda discusses sickle cell disease. Mr. Laurenceo defines the disease, its origin, challenges, affected parties, diagnoses and outlook.

And Minister Gwen Smith provides a personal view of someone dealing with the day-to-day logistics of living with sickle cell.

Dr. Sarath Anandagoda enlightens our readers about Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Commonly called the ‘winter blues’, it affects people in unsuspected ways and at different times of the year. Dr. Anandagoda writes from a consultant psychiatrist point of view.

Weight loss is a perennial resolution requiring new resolve, according to Kym Herron Scott. The Athletic Club’s owner talks about how to properly lose weight so you can keep it ‘lost’.

Dr. Annabel Carter argues the importance of physiotherapy rehabilitation following an injury. She discusses the progression from pain to recovery of mobility, strength and stability, and the looked-for return to pre-injury conditions.

Family physician, Dr. George Shaw, offers an overview of the annual physical. He notes its origin, who should have one and why. And he addresses specific, male-female and family history concerns.

Dr. J. J. Soares offers a personal perspective of the mid-season flu shot. He answers the question: is a flu shot worthwhile this late in the season?

The Bermuda Health Council includes its comparison of Bermuda’s health care system to that of other jurisdictions.

Argus Insurance focuses on everything to do with walking. Its contribution deals with getting active, selecting footwear, stretching, warming up and building distance.

And in an article that complements the Argus offering, The Foot & Ankle Clinic provides a summary on circulation and how it affects the legs and feet.

The Bermuda Sun hopes you find inspiration in these Health Care Directory pages, and with head up and spirit soaring are stirred to meet your own challenges and climb your own heights.