Hamilton sketch: Stephen Wiltshire works on his pen and ink drawing of Hamilton, Bermuda while at the Bermuda National Gallery.
Hamilton sketch: Stephen Wiltshire works on his pen and ink drawing of Hamilton, Bermuda while at the Bermuda National Gallery.

An original pen and ink drawing of Hamilton by renowned cityscape artist, Stephen Wiltshire, fetched some $22,800 at a fundraising auction last week. 

Mr. Wiltshire, who is autistic, donated a drawing he did while he visited the island over the weekend, to a charity auction — ­Shining a Light on Art that jointly raised the money for autism charity, BASE, and the Bermuda National Gallery.

Stephen Wiltshire is known around the world for his spectacular cityscape drawings. What makes them out of the ordinary is that Mr. Wiltshire can draw accurate representations of entire cities after viewing them for only a matter of minutes.

During his visit, Mr. ­Wiltshire drew the City of Hamilton along with Hamilton Harbour after sketching it briefly from Newstead hotel resort.

He is used to drawing big cities rather than more ­rural places like Bermuda. He told the Bermuda Sun: “Yes (it’s unusual) because of the villages and towns. It’s a challenge as the roads are narrower, not as big and it has hillsides and a harbour.

“There are a lot of trees and boats. Bermuda is a nice place it’s got bright houses — so colourful. I usually use black and white and sometimes some pencil shading drawings.

“In Bermuda I like the City of Hamilton, it’s a nice place. It has some pretty houses and shops.”

The sale of the original artwork went that night for $11,000.00 to Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Griffiths while the sale of the first addition print went to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gulbraisen for an undisclosed sum.

The total amount raised through the sale of the original artwork and prints that night was $22,800.00, split 50/50 between the Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Autism ­Support & Education.

The gallery’s curator, ­Sophie Cressall, said: “The Stephen Wiltshire, BNG and BASE, Shining a light on Art, fundraising event was a fabulous success.

“It was generously ­sponsored by Ren Re, ­Platinum Re, Pricewaterhouse ­Coopers, Stephen Wiltshire and the Stephen Wiltshire Gallery. A hundred and sixty people attended the event with each person being a part of raising funds for both organizations.”

There was an edition of 35 prints of the original ­artwork created for the fundraiser. Anyone interested in buying a Stephen Wiltshire limited edition print should contact the Bermuda National Gallery, There are only 35 prints in existence and only numbers 21 — 35 are still available. The limited edition prints are 11 by 14 inches and cost $500. They are printed on archival cotton rag paper guaranteed to last over 150 years.