* iStock photo. Nuisance: Dogs may bark for attention or in response to an intruder.
* iStock photo. Nuisance: Dogs may bark for attention or in response to an intruder.
The Society for the Protection of Animals receives several complaints about nuisance barking every month.

Representatives from the animal charity often go out to visit the property and educate owners.

SPCA director Kim Sherlaw told the Bermuda Sun that incessant barking is often caused by the dog being bored or having no company.

She said: "We often investigate complaints about excessive barking to determine if the animal's basic needs are being met and to rule out if the animal is in distress. Attending to these complaints gives us the opportunity to educate the owner and improve the environment for the animal and the neighbourhood.

"Nuisance barking drives even the animal lover crazy.

"Understanding why your dog barks is the first step, educate yourself as a responsible pet owner and work to correct the situation so as to promote a healthy human and animal-friendly community."

Dogs can bark incessantly for a variety of reasons, including loneliness, fear and boredom.

It can also be a response to an intruder entering or coming close to their territory.

Vets recommend owners try to identify why their pet barks continuously and then tackle the problem. More human and dog interaction for animals that bark when they are left alone can help.

Territorial animals can be trained to bark less by simple reward and deterrent techniques, for example giving the dog a treat when it is quiet and squirting water in its mouth when it barks.

A variety of bark collars that emit high frequency sounds or citronella solution have been used effectively to reduce nuisance barking.

The Dogs Act states a person in charge of a dog commits an offence if the animal repeatedly makes noise to the annoyance of one or more persons in the neighbourhood.

In Bermuda, animal wardens are responsible for upholding the Dogs Act and responding to complaints.

Make a complaint

If you are being bothered by a dog barking constantly, report it to Environmental Protection (dog wardens) on 236-4201.