The Guantanamo Four in Bermuda may eventually seek damages from the U.S. for almost seven years in captivity, but for now the men are just concentrating on settling into their new lives in Bermuda.

U.S. authorities believe the four men were detained in Afghanistan simply because the Bush Administration had offered soldiers of fortune $10,000 for every suspected enemy solider they captured. The men spent up to a year in solitary confinement. On the subject of compensation, their lawyer Sabin Willett told us: "At the moment all of our focus is on helping these men begin life anew in Bermuda and to become useful members of society. Issues of the past - we will get to them at some point but they are not our priority at present."

Mr. Willett also revealed more details about how the men are currently coping financially. They are being housed at the Clear View guesthouse in Hamilton Parish, which usually costs guests around $200 per night. They are also having their food, transport and spending money taken care of. These costs are being met, in the first instance, by the Bermuda Government, Mr. Willett said. The expenses can then be claimed back from the U.S.

"As soon as they are on their feet, and in a job, I believe they will rent a house and pay their way like everyone else," Mr. Willett said.