A Muslim leader has handed over gifts to the Guantanamo Bay refugees saying: "they are just regular people."

Saleem Talbot wanted to personally welcome the four Uighur men to our shores and to let them know that he was there to help.

Mr. Talbot - who is an Iman and leads the recitation of prayer - visited the men and presented them with "what he thought they would need" - a prayer rug and a copy of the Qur'an.

He said he was representing himself as a "concerned resident" and the Muslim community as it's "our faith to help others."

Mr. Talbot said helping people was part of the history of Islam.

He said: "I wanted to meet them because I am Muslim and they are Muslim.

"The fact of the matter is that these people are guests in this country and keeping with the Bermudian tradition of hospitality, I wanted to extend that hospitality to them.

"If I was in a strange country, I know I'd appreciate people's help."

Mr. Talbot met up with the four men - who have appealed to Bermudians to give them a chance - last weekend and described them as "very, very friendly, easy going people."

He said: "They were just like regular Bermuda people, they are no different to anyone else, I'm sure they'll fit in just fine.

"They really appreciated the gifts. I also asked what else they needed and offered my assistance in any way I could."

Meanwhile, John Milligan Whyte, the co-chairman of the China Bermuda Society, called the four Chinese Muslim men moving to the island a "win, win, win" situation.

He said: "It will enormously benefit Bermuda.

"At a time when perceptions among President Obama, elected officials and the American people of Bermuda's importance to America is a key issue in our economic future, this illustrates again in the 21st century Bermuda's long standing role as a friend of America.

"President Obama will take special note of Premier Brown and the Bermuda government and peoples assistance in this important matter in which other jurisdictions have not helped in this matter."