Dr Ewart Brown
Dr Ewart Brown
From satirical sniping on Comedy Central's Daily Show to fashion critiques in The Times of London, every angle of the "Uighurs in Bermuda' story has been played out in the international media. From the sublime to the ridiculous, James Whittaker rounds up some of the best quotes on a story that captured the attention of the world...
"By helping accomplish the President's objective of closing Guantanamo, the transfer of these detainees will make America safer"
Eric Holder
- the full context of the U.S Attorney General's comment; it became one of the most misused quotes of the week

"They have a f***ing pool? I get that the Uighurs may not be a threat but do they have to live in a house that guarantees they will be getting laid? Next thing you know they are going to be the cast of Entourage"
Jon Stewart
- Daily Show host on the Uighur's new home at Clearview

"I bet the Bermudians are quaking at the underlining they have received"
Paul Reynolds
- the BBC responds to the Foreign Office's polite dressing down of the Bermuda government, which included 'underlining' that it should have consulted the U.K.

"I sit back and watch the spin as Ewart Brown says he's a humanitarian, by giving equal rights to his Chinese friends, but he still not give rights to the gays and lesbians"
- impromptu music video on YouTube (posted by bermudastandup) tells the Premier 'it's time to go'

"These are Chinese Al-Qaedas, essentially... This guy, outta Club Gitmo, one, two days, is swimming in the Atlantic Ocean"
Rush Limbaugh
- right wing U.S. talk show host vents his anger at the Uighurs' freedom

"Because the Constitution prohibits indefinite detention without cause, the government's continued detention of the [detainees] is unlawful... Because separation-of-powers concerns do not trump the very principle upon which this nation was founded - the unalienable right to liberty - the court orders the government to release the [men] into the United States"
Ricardo M. Urbina
- U.S. District Judge orders the Uighurs to be released in the U.S. in October last year. His ruling was overturned after opposition in Congress

"There's no Uighur population here [in Bermuda] and when locals are asked if there's an Asian community, most point to a Japanese resident who opened a restaurant"
Michelle Shephard
- Toronto Star correspondent

'I will NEVER give you 4 a chance. I hope you find life so difficult you leave ASAP. Bermuda for Bermudians'
Allan Tatem
- posted on the Bermuda Sun's website

"Political backlash has never been permission to walk away from what's right."
"...When Bermuda was faced with an opportunity to do what's right I could not walk away. Being small does not mean we can not lead...."
Dr. Ewart Brown

"Reprieve hails the courage and compassion of 'heroic' Premier Ewart Brown of Bermuda on resettlement of Guantánamo Uighurs and asks that the UK follow suit or refrain from undermining his efforts"
- U.K. human rights charity

"Bermuda has done us a great service... I'm grateful to them"
President Obama

"Amnesty International is concerned that the Uighurs are being used as political pawns, something that has also occurred inside the USA. Human rights must transcend party politics"
Amnesty International
- Commenting on the political turmoil in Bermuda

"I am not a terrorist, I never have been a terrorist and I never will be a terrorist. I want to live in peace"
Khalil Manut
- one of the Gitmo Four, interviewed by the Bermuda Sun

"China holds the unswerving stand that the U.S. should stop handing over the terrorists to any third country, so as to expatriate them to China at an early date..."
Chinese gov't

"If we had the opportunity to open a Uighur restaurant, we would. Uighur food is delicious and we would like to share it with the generous, friendly people of Bermuda"
Abdulla Abdulqadir
- another of the Gitmo four on their long term plans

"I don't know why Spain won't take them - they are all upset about Guantanamo Bay, Spain should take them or North Korea. Why the hell won't they take them?"
Bill O'Reilly
- Fox News host

"Will you tell them that we are fair and balanced and ask if they will watch Fox News and give it a try..... Will they watch Bill O'Reilly?"
Fox News journalist
- Asking the four Uighurs' translator if they are prepared to forgive and forget at Saturday's press conference in Bermuda

"I don't think they know who Bill O'Reilly is"
Rushan Abbas
- Uighurs' translator responds