NO. 903


Applications have been made to the Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Housing for the grant of a National Occupational Certificate under Section 7 of the National Occupational Certification Act 2004. This is to certify that the applicants have completed the requirements and achieved the standards established by the National Training Board.

The persons listed below are granted a National Occupational Certificate under Section 8 of the Act and are entitled to engage in the occupation of Electrician and to use the title of "Nationally Certified" for a period of five years.

Raymond Beaulne

Owen Burgess

Phillip Burgess

Allister Burt

Noel Cann

Randolph Doers

Steven Every

Craig Laws

Chance McLean

Ian Milne

Christopher Montgomery

Granville Nusum

Kirk Peets

Peter Rahman

Leroy Robinson

Brian Simons

Duane Simons

Allan Smith

Andrew Smith

Stanton Thompson

Noel Van Putten

Michael M. Stowe, MPA

Secretary of the Board

Executive Officer

National Training Board

No. 904


Ministry of Education


Mrs. Kalreta Conyers-Steede, Education Officer, Curriculum Instructional Leadership has been recommended to deputize as Senior Education Officer, Curriculum Instructional Leadership for the Ministry of Education for the period November 1, 2008 to November 30, 2008.

Kenneth S. Dill

Head of the Civil Service

NO. 905




The Governor, in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by section 8(1) of the Magistrates Act 1948, appoints:

Mr Vernall Maxwell Adderley

Mrs Lorraine Ismay Adderley

Mrs Denise Jean Astwood

Mr David Eugene Augustus

Mrs Wendy Dawn Augustus

Ms Leleath Gloria Bailey

Ms Claudette Reneé Baisden

Mr Eugene Oliver Ball

Mr Ronald William Baptiste

Mrs Annette Marie Barclay

Ms Lesley Elaine Basden

Mr Myron Calvert Leory Bean

Mrs Patricia Grace Ann Bean

Ms Judy M Benevides

Mrs Hope Semler Berg

Mr Andrew Philip Bermingham

Mrs Davina Maud Blakeney

Rev Gary Sinclair Bremar

Mr Delano Patrick Eugene Bulford

Mrs Judith Vernell Burgess

Mrs Philippa Eulalie Burke

Ms Crystal Camille Caesar

Mr Derek Eugene Caines

Mr Dudley Orrin Caines

Mrs Phyllis Althea Maureen Harvey Caisey

Ms Cecilia Lynne Shernette Cann

Mrs Eintou Samnetta Carmichael

Mrs Betty Irene Christopher

Mr Rolfe Patton Commissiong

Mrs Florence Alinda Cox

Mr Clevelyn Arthur Crichlow

Mr Gary Owen Darrell

Mr Andrew Ian Hill Davidson

Mr Douglas Seraphim James De Couto

Apostle Jimmie Ray Denwiddie, Sr

Mr Wendell Edward Dill

Mr Winston Bernard Esdaille

Dr Freddie Evans

Mr Michael Martin Fahy

Mr David George Faires

Mr Sheldon Eugene Fox

Mrs Julia Ann Francis

Mr Rawle Romerick Frederick

Mr Alan David Frith

Mr Chris Noel Furbert

Mr Kevin Michael George

Mr Gershon Micheal Talmia Gibbons

Dr Duranda Vilicia Greene

Ms Suzette Lurene Harvey

Mr Hilton Gray Hill III

Mr David Michael Hillier

Mr Steven Arthur Hollis

Mrs Heather Antoinette Jacobs Matthews

Mr John Robert Jefferis

Mr Harry Kessaram

Ms Arnette Denese Lawes Matthew

Mr Leroy George Harley Lewis

Ms Barbara Eleanor Jane Lewis-Mills

Mr Alan Eugene Lugo

Mr Eakin Carters O'Donnell McLaughlin

Ms Anita Eleanor Masters

Mrs Beverley Ann Muriel Masters

Ms Pamela Elizabeth Maybury

Ms Linda Albertha Merritt

Mr Alexander Fitzgerald Ming

Mrs Theresa Eugenia Minors

Mr Mervyn Stewart G Moorhead

Ms Martha C Harris Myron

Mr Ivan Cornelius Nelson

Mrs Patricia Dawnette Nesbitt

Mrs Virginia Lea Olander

Mrs Marion Winifred Paynter

Ms Donna Lucille Pearman

Mr Roderic Scott Pearman

Mr Sean McRonald Pitcher

Mr Charles Roger Richardson

Mr Edward Joseph Richardson

Mr Cordell Whitney Riley

Mr Terrence Rostellan Roberts

Mrs Leslie Laurean Robinson

Mr Granville Leon James Russell

Mr R Wayne Scott

Ms Sandra Louise Scott

Mrs Cornelia Firestone Simmons

Mrs Marilynn Olivia Simmons

Mr Ronald Everett Simmons

Mrs Kim A M Simons

Mr Ralphel Llewellyn Eugene Simons

Mr Roderick Earlington Simons

Rev George Everest Woolridge Smith

Mrs Geraldine Vivianne Smith

Mr Richard Anthony Smith

Mrs Janet Leowa Jean Smith Bradshaw

Mrs Jane Y Spurling

Mr Robert Brunell Spurling

Miss Marilyn Louise Steede

Mr Robert David Steinhoff

Mr Christopher Eugene Swan

Mr Ivan Leon Valentino Swan

Mrs Sheila Marie Swan

Dr Leonard Nartei Teye-Botchway

Miss Janet E L Todd

Mr Desmond Leroy Trott

Mr Eugene Sinclair Vickers

Mr Darrin Howard Walker

Ms Roberta Elizabeth Walker

Mr Austin S Warner, Jr

Mrs Kim Ramona Wilkerson Outerbridge

Mr Lionel James Williams

Ms Mitchelle Lovette Williams

Mr Vincent Sinclair Williams-Savery

Mr Glenn Melvin Woods

Miss Tenia Kali Woolridge

to be Justices of the Peace in and for Bermuda with effect from the 14th day of November 2008.

Dated this 14th day of November 2008.

Deputy Governor

NO. 906



From Date: 11/12/08 To Date: 11/13/08

Summary of Application Details

• The applications shown below are available for review during normal working hours at the Department of Planning, 3rd Floor, Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton.

• Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date of this publication.

• Letters of objection should state any interest which the objector(s) may have in property nearby, supply an address at which notice may be served on the objector(s) and provide a concise statement of the grounds of objection.

• For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning (Applications Procedure) Rules 1997.

Application Application #


Gray, Mr. Robin P0723/08

2 Marsh Lane, Devonshire

In Principle Application for Additions to

South East Area of Property.

(In Principle)

Brenton Burgess & Mavis C. Mallory S0069/08

34 Tee Street, Devonshire

One Additional Lot.

(Final Plan)

Ming, Ms. Danette S0070/08

32 Jubilee Road, Devonshire

Boundary Adjustment.

(Final Plan)


Harvey B. Ltd. P0724/08

Lots 20 and 22 Rosemount Avenue, Pembroke

Revisions to Approved Plans - Interior

Re-Configuration to Create Two Additional

Dwelling Units (Total 13 Units) Additional

Interior Changes and Relocation of Water

tanks and Various Doors and Windows.


Hollis, Mr. Paul P0726/08

10 Fruitland Lane, Pembroke

Proposed Alterations to Create Third Unit

and Enlarge Unit on Ground Floor.


Bermuda Government P0727/08

Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke

New Four Storey Multi-Purpose Government

Facility Incorporating Waste Management,

Health Department and Forensic Lab

Facilities (Police).



Ingham, Mr. M. P0689/08

Lot C,North Shore Road

(vacant lot opposite Tamarisk Hill), Smiths

Proposed Recreational Cottage and New

Timber Deck.


Massey, Mr. D.M. P0725/08

9 Rocky Ridge Road, Smiths

Proposed Shed and Gate.

(In Principle)


Allen, Mr. Desmond P0722/08

6 Beaming Hill, Southampton

Addition of New Garage and Laundry, New

Balcony, Convert Window to Double Door

and close in Verandah.



Greig, Mr. William P0721/08

2 Paddock Lane, Warwick

Conversion of Garage and Storage Area

into a Guest Apartment.

(In Principle)