A Bermudian activist says he has no regrets about posting scathing remarks about the island on one of the world's most popular websites, YouTube.

While the Government spends millions marketing the island overseas, Tony Brannon is telling millions of potential viewers that Bermuda is boring, that the hotels are staffed by foreigners and that black Bermudians "egged on by the Bermuda Industrial Union" killed tourism.

The remarks come a week after the Government announced tourism arrivals were up by more than 23 per cent last year. They also provide fodder for those who like to debate the relationship between free speech and accountability for what's posted on the Internet.

Mr. Brannon, who describes himself as an "out of work Bermudian entertainer", writes:

"Tourism 2007 is still on its knees. No Bermy's left in the hotels. Nearly all foreigners. Bermy's self-destructed and got what they deserved. When locals are no longer involved in tourism in any meaningful numbers, visitors will never get a true Bermuda holiday."

The comments appear underneath a video of the Premier and Tourism Minister Ewart Brown talking about Bermuda tourism. Blog sites here have picked up on the video, mostly making fun of Dr. Brown, but for the most part they've left Mr. Brannon's comments alone.

Mr. Brannon told us yesterday that the reason he posted on YouTube is because local forum LimeyinBermuda wouldn't let him.

So far the page has been visited nearly 3,000 times.

We asked Mr. Brannon, who organizes the popular Hawkins Island summer events, how he thinks his comments will help Bermuda attract more tourists, but he said he was more interested in talking about the "facts" about the decline of tourism, although he conceded he was going back more than 30 years.

He said: "I've had someone say to me, 'Tony, you shouldn't be sh***ing in your own cornflakes' and I don't want to shoot Bermuda in the foot, but the record needs to be set straight."

Mr. Brannon's father Terry was one of the owners of the 40 Thieves nightclub on Front Street.

Mr. Brannon says if Dr. Brown wants to talk about the past, especially when it comes to race relations then he needs to consider who was responsible for the demise of tourism.

"I say it was the nasty attitudes and surly service by yes, 'black Bermudians' egged on by the BIU," he writes.

Speaking yesterday he said he has a right to say whatever he likes and that it doesn't matter what forum he chooses to use, they're all accessible internationally.

"It's a free place and a free world," he said. "I don't see the difference between posting on YouTube or Bermuda.com or your newspaper's website."

Dr. Brown and representatives from the Bermuda Alliance for Tourism did not respond to e-mails about the posting yesterday, but Shadow Tourism Minister David Dodwell said people are just going to have to accept the emergence and popularity of blog sites as places to express opinions.

Mr. Dodwell said: "The challenge is that everything is out on the web today, we really can't avoid it. If Tony Brannon feels strongly about something then he has a right to express his opinion."

Mr. Dodwell, who owns The Reefs Hotel, said: "I know Tony Brannon and I'm certain that he's not against Bermuda but he is frustrated with the lack of change."

He added: "The fact that the World Wide Web can be a poster of sorts for Bermuda, should make us redouble our efforts in getting our product and services right."

While viewers to YouTube are unlikely to pick up on the nuances of Bermuda history that frame Mr. Brannon's comments, he told us yesterday that he would like nothing more than to "have us all working together."

But, he added: "I would like to see a plan. I don't like things being done in secret. I'm sick and tired of what this government tells us."