THE SENIOR civil service looks set for another shuffle following the ãreturn to officeä of at least one permanent secretary this week.

In a controversial move last December, government shifted Permanent Secretary of Health and Social Services Derrick Binns to the Ministry of Works and Engineering while Permanent Secretary of Works Russell Wade was sent to the Environment to replace Brian Rowlinson who was sent to Home Affairs. He replaced Robert Horton who took a four-month leave while long-time Ministry official Luelle Todd was to act in the Health position for an unknown period of time.

That month civil service head Stanley Oliver told the press that the moves were ãpermanentä and that the Permanent Secretaries would gain ãvaluable knowledge as a result of having a wide range of experience in different ministries.ä

The Bermuda Sun understands however that Mr Rowlinson will now return to his old post in the Ministry of the Environment. The fate of the other permanent secretaries is unclear.

When the Bermuda Sun called the Ministry of Works and Engineering yesterday and asked for Mr Wade, we were informed that ãhis phone had not been set up yet.ä

The Bermuda Sun later asked Dr Derrick Binns if he would be leaving the Ministry of Works and Engineering, but he replied in the negative.

On Monday, after completing a two-week international study programme on ãFreedom of Information: Achieving Open and Transparent Governmentä in Europe, Mr Horton returned

ãto the officeä. What office he returned is also unclear. A March 31 government press release still described him as ãpermanent secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safetyä even though Mr Rowlinson was holding that post at the time.

Honey Adams, of the Department of Communication Information Services, confirmed last night that a shuffle was in the works, but she was unable to confirm who would be moving. Head of the civil service Stanley Oliver, she explained, was in a meeting.