Well-rounded: The 50+ class at Horizon Health includes a low-intensity but effective Barre routine. *Photo supplied.
Well-rounded: The 50+ class at Horizon Health includes a low-intensity but effective Barre routine. *Photo supplied.

If you’re looking for a great way to transition into an exercise class, a Barre class might be a great way to get started.

At Horizon Health, one of the newest health centres to open up on the island, they have started a 50+ Barre class to provide a less intense but still effective introduction to the popular exercise.

The 50+ Barre class at Horizon Health is a group class where participants use a bar to tone and sculpt the most troublesome body parts –– including the stomach and upper legs.

“Liz Lange, who runs our 50+ class, provides a low intensity class to help with joints, posture and circulation,” explains Caroline Tee, owner of Horizon Health.

“The class helps tone the stomach and is a good class for stretching. I notice that the women who take this class, it really changes their body shape –– it helps you tone and lose weight and is very accessible for older adults.”

Low impact

Ms Tee says that Barre is a great class to begin with as it is low impact.

“It’s not invasive so there is no extra impact on the body,” she says.

Pilates is also beneficial when done on the reformer, as it is also low impact, explains Ms Tee.

“You get the benefits of the Pilates movement but the support of the reformer and it really focuses on giving you core strength,” she says.

“Pilates reformer is the best for movement because it is very low impact and because you work one-on-one you can really cater to the client’s needs. The instructor observes the body they are working with and helps to make adjustments to help clients. I had a woman in here the other day who said it was the first time that she’s lived without neck pain. She’s lived with the pain for 15 years and now she doesn’t have anymore pain.”

Along with the Barre classes and Pilates reformer, Horizon Health also provides private and group training and assessment sessions. The assessments are a good way to get extra benefits out of the exercises performed in the training sessions as well as everyday life, says Ms Tee.

Based on the CHEK (Corrective Exercise and High-Performance Kinesiology) methods of coaching, which specializes in wellness, nutrition, stress management and lifestyle coaching, the programmes are all designed to help relieve stress and help make movement easier.

 “Almost everyone has postural issues,” she explains. “Poor posture can affect digestion, sleeping patterns, pretty much every function of the body depends on good posture.

“We can help with correcting posture within two to six months depending on people’s body,” she says. “This can also help with preventing injury.”

Clients can also look to Horizon Health for nutritional assessments.

“This is done in a one-on-one format as no two bodies are the same,” says Ms Tee.

“We look at you holistically by assessing posture, nutrition and your whole body function. Our programmes are based on how to help you improve your life and implement strength and movement that will help give you energy and improve function in your body.”

Ms Tee recommends movement for every age. “You feel the endorphins being released when you start to move,” she says.

Horizon Health is located at 45 Victoria Street. For more information, contact 293-1687 or visit the website at www.horizonhealthbermuda.com for class schedules and information.