Dr Kyjuan Brown of North Shore Medical & Aesthetics Center.
Dr Kyjuan Brown of North Shore Medical & Aesthetics Center.

Last week, seniors were treated to a health seminar hosted by Moongate Insurance Group and Age Concern Bermuda.

Health Gap-AC provided seniors with information on HIP/FutureCare, Standard Hospital Benefits and the Medical Air Services Association, which provides air ambulance and transportation cover.

One of the highlights of the event was Dr Kyjuan Brown, who started North Shore Medical & Aesthetics Center last year.

Dr Brown, along with Preston J Ephraim, gave the crowd an insight into his practice, which includes both medical and aesthetic services.

While the practice is able to provide physical exams for TCD purposes and basic general practitioner services as well as an in-house lab for taking care of blood work, there are also two massage therapists on staff as well as Mr Ephraim, who provides holistic health and lifestyle counselling.

“As a med-spa, we do both medical and aesthetics health and wellness,” Dr Brown told the crowd, who were also impressed as the young Bermudian is one of the first medical graduates to come out of CedarBridge Academy.

Dr Brown’s easy-going persona also came through when he spoke, and it was evident that this was an important factor for the seniors present.

Home visits

“I will also do home visits in the event that you are unable to come out to us,” Dr Brown added, which was met with approval by those attending the seminar.

The centre also cuts rates for many of their services for seniors on HIP and FutureCare by 50 per cent.

Dr Brown, who has been practising for six years, said he wanted to provide a one-stop medical centre. He often found himself recommending clients should go on a diet or work on their work/life balance as part of a health diagnosis. With the services available at the North Shore Medical  & Aesthetics Center, clients can get the help they need in one convenient location.

Mr Ephraim provides life and nutrition coaching. He started work as a professional trainer then became interested in nutrition and wanted to provide a holistic approach for his clients, he said.

“It can be really difficult to eat in today’s environment where there are thousands of options when you go to the store. One day this product is good and the next day that product isn’t, so these are some of the things we talk about in my nutritional lifestyle sessions,” Mr Ephraim said.

Along with the medical and nutritional services, the practice also provides laser slimming, chemical peels and other aesthetic services.

“It’s all about ageing gracefully,” Dr Brown concluded.

North Shore Medical & Aesthetics Centre is located at 7 North Shore Road, Devonshire. For more information, contact 293-5476.