Update your day time look by adding a pretty piece of costume jewellery for an easy evening look.
Update your day time look by adding a pretty piece of costume jewellery for an easy evening look.

Looking stylish at any age is about having a few key pieces that can easily transition from season to season as well as day into night.

“You can take these key pieces and add a printed or colourful top, some costume jewellery and add some height to your heel and you are ready for a night out,” says Joan Cabral, owner of Hera Boutique.

The key pieces to have in your closet should be cut well and come in a quality fabric in a good neutral colour.

“Adding colours such as pretty apple green, coral or turquoise works really well with navy, black or even camel,” says Ms Cabral.

Opt for a top in either cotton, cotton-blend or linen for during the day throughout the summer, which are perfect sweat-wicking fabrics.

Because it can be cool inside offices, Ms Cabral suggests pairing an outfit with a colourful cardigan or printed blazer, which can easily be removed when heading outdoors for lunch or running errands.

“Layering is key during the summer,” she says.

Dresses are also an easy alternative to summer, especially those that are made out of wrinkle-free material.


“Choosing a dress that falls from the shoulder is very flattering and one that doesn’t stay to close to the body will help to keep you cool. You can go sleeveless and just wear a little cardi for work and then take it off when you head outdoors,” Ms Cabral advises.

Keeping an eye on the length of the dress or skirt is also something to keep in mind, she adds.

“When we get to a certain age it is a good idea to be careful with skirt lengths. Nothing too far above the knee, and I also know some people don’t feel comfortable showing their arms. In that case, cap sleeves or elbow-length sleeves can be very attractive.”

Ms Cabral says there is so much variety on the island that people need to look around and maybe search out places they have never shopped before or where they may not have been for a while.

“There are lots of smaller boutiques around that you will be surprised what you can find,” she says.

Filling your closet with inspiring and classic outfits also doesn’t have to be expensive, she adds.

“You’re better off having less items but buy the best you can afford for your key pieces,” she says. “Then set aside a little fund to add to those pieces. The little colourful tops that we carry aren’t expensive and there are so many places around that do great and inexpensive costume jewellery. Looking good doesn’t have to cost the earth.”

For the transition from day to night, Ms Cabral suggests pairing a silk top under a cardigan or blazer for day.

“Silk is a fabric that has a nice appeal to it and can be picked up in a variety of colours,” she says. “Change your jewellery, add higher heels and a smaller handbag and your key pieces not only transition from season to season but day to night just by changing your accessories and your top.


“What you’re looking for when buying key pieces is functionality not just for one point of the day but for many different occasions,” Ms Cabral adds.

For evening and event dressing, Ms Cabral says another great tip is to head to a hair salon or one of the numerous nail bars to have a quick blow out or up do or a polish change, which can often be done during a lunch hour.

“It doesn’t cost a lot but when you look good you feel good and that gives you that lift of confidence,” she says.

 Hera Boutique is located at The Old Cellar, 47 Front Street.