Creative Commons photo by cyclonebill
TASTY: Whether it’s cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, margherita or some other combination, everyone loves pizza.
Creative Commons photo by cyclonebill TASTY: Whether it’s cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, margherita or some other combination, everyone loves pizza.

Everyone loves pizza, so if you’re thinking of party food for the holidays, slices of the tasty dough and toppings can prove a real winner.

Simple, straightforward and satisfying — there is little preparation with pizza and minimal clean-up afterwards.

At Pizza House, the staff are well-seasoned in providing parties with piping-hot slices.

The company has a reputation for producing ‘the best pizza on the island’, with locations in both the East and West End.


Franz Egenolf, managing director and owner, said: “Our advantage is that we have six sizes and 21 different toppings to choose from, so the variety is endless.

“You choose what you want on your pizza. The different toppings cater to a range of tastes.

“But our most popular pizza is pepperoni and mushroom.

“We also make everything fresh, from scratch. We have fresh ingredients and everything is made to the highest standards.

“I think we offer the largest choice of sizes on the island. Our smallest is seven inches, and the largest, 18 inches.”

The seven and 10 inch pizzas are cut into four slices, and the 14, 16 and 18 inches are cut into eight large slices. But it depends on what the customer wants.

When it comes to Pizza House’s Party Pizzas, these measure 18 x 26 inches, and are cut according to the client’s specifications.

“Generally we cut 20 slices, sometimes 30 if requested,” said Mr Egenolf.

“We just need a day’s notice for the Party Pizzas, and need payment upfront if you are ordering more than one.

“We’ve been doing the Party Pizzas for several years and they are very popular.

“They cost $40, plus $5 for any additional toppings, so if you have a party of 15-20 people this proves inexpensive.

“It’s also less work if you order your party food — it’s one less thing to worry about.

“Children and adults all love pizza. It’s easy and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

“The pizzas are popular with schools (events and outings) and at parties.”

Pizza House began at Shelly Bay 25 years ago and then expanded to Heron Bay. It added the Southside location five or six years ago.

Mr Egenolf said: “We also do general catering for birthdays, weddings, wakes and other events — catering from anywhere between 10 and 200 people.

“We offer a complete catering service, it’s not just ‘fast food’. We can do anything from pizza, to lobster and caviar.

“At Pizza House in St David’s and Shelly Bay we have a daily hot buffet where we prepare all different kinds of food, from barbecue ribs to chicken to vegetables.

“At Heron Bay we only prepare pizzas and sandwiches.”

The Party Pizzas are available from all three locations.




Pizza House

The MarketPlace, Heron Bay, Middle Road, Southampton. Tel. 238-2753

Shelly Bay MarketPlace Plaza, North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. Tel. 293-8465

Southside Road (next to Southside Cinema), St David’s. Tel. 293-5700.

Opening times: 11am-10pm Mondays to Saturdays; and 1-6pm Heron Bay, 1-9pm Shelly Bay, and 12-9pm Southside on Sundays. Closed on public holidays.