Superpowers: Spiderman is the most popular costume choice among boys, and is also ‘very popular’ among men. *MCT photo
Superpowers: Spiderman is the most popular costume choice among boys, and is also ‘very popular’ among men. *MCT photo

If Hallowe’en costumes are anything to go by, men in Bermuda want to be superhuman while women want attention.

The most popular choices of costume at The Phoenix Centre Drug Store this year are vampires and superheroes for males, and Drama Queens and Playboy outfits for females.

We may not have the skyscrapers of North America here in Bermuda, but it appears both boys and men dream of swinging from building to building dressed in a red and blue bodysuit.


Spiderman is the top costume choice for boys and is also “very popular” among men, according to Darlene Simmons, store manager.

Girls meanwhile, want to be ‘Drama Queens’ or princesses, while women are opting for skimpy ‘Playboy’ outfits.

The most popular costumes for boys are (in order of popularity): Spiderman; Batman; Star Wars characters; and Superman.

The girls want to be: Drama Queens; princesses; Bratz characters; and Monster High fashion dolls.

For men, Mrs Simmons said vampires, pirates, gangsters, Scooby Doo and Star Wars characters are the a popular choices.

She added: “Spiderman and Superman are very popular too among the guys. They also like to dress up as hippies or doctors.

“For women, we’re selling a lot of sexy Playboy costumes, such as the sexy nurse or sexy witch.”

The store has a huge choice of costumes — everything to indulge your wildest fantasy — from priests and nuns to vampires and witches, superheroes or cartoon characters.

You can also find make-up, false eyelashes, stockings, wigs, witches’ hats, brooms, Venetian-style masks, accessories and decorations.

There are even pet ‘Pirate’ costumes for your cat or canine.

You can pick up pumpkin carving tools and there is also a mountain of candy to choose from.

When it comes to trick or treating, Mrs Simmons said islanders also have their preferences.

“Our most popular candy is candy corn, lollipops, Nerds, Body Parts and sour candy,” she said.

This year, Hallowe’en attire, candy and accessories are “moving a little slower than normal” but sales are “steady”.

“The weekend was very busy though and we will pick up the closer we get to Hallowe’en,” said Mrs Simmons.

“Everyone has a habit of waiting until the last minute — it’s the same at Christmas and Easter, because people hope certain items will be reduced, but we won’t run out.”

Across the street at Brown & Co, you can also pick up an array of Hallowe’en decorations, costume and party accessories, and goodies.

The store is selling trick or treat bags, hats, gloves, moustaches, wigs, flashing glasses/shades, glow sticks, candy and chocolates.

It also stocks a cute range of Hallowe’en costumes for children by ampmkids, priced $36-40. One and two-year-olds can dress up as various bugs and creatures, from ladybugs to mice to even lobsters.

Paul Rodrigues, Hallmark manager, said: “It’s a wonderful line of children’s costumes and has been selling really well.”

Among party accessories, giant spiderwebs are proving popular sellers, at $15.95. n

The Phoenix Centre Drug Store, 3 Reid Street, Hamilton. Call 279-5451. Brown & Co, 35 Front Street. Call 279-5442. You can also find Hallowe’en costumes at the People’s Pharmacy (62 Victoria Street), Secrets (20 Church Street) and Eve’s Garden Lingerie (69 Front Street).