Ever wondered how a small change in your daily routine could help the environment? Digicel Bermuda realized that it could make a significant change by encouraging its customers and staff members to make choices that are more environmentally friendly.

With electronic billing and Online Bill View, Digicel enables its customers to receive statements via email and view their bills online. 

This prevents thousands of pages from having to be printed each month and then further thousands of printed envelopes being wastefully sent to customers’ mailboxes.

“Depending on how much an individual uses his or her phone, a single monthly bill can be anywhere from one page to six or seven pages,” stated Jamila Williams, customer care director for Digicel Bermuda.

“Now imagine that number of pages multiplied by all of our customers. And then imagine that number multiplied by 12 months per year.  The amount of paper is pretty incredible.”

To give customers an added incentive to use the electronic billing and cease receiving the printed bills, Digicel went a step further by introducing a monthly fee for the printed bill. 

As of April 1, 2009, any customers still wishing to receive a printed bill have paid an additional $2 per month. Since that change, nearly half of all customers have made the switch to electronic billing.

Encouraging conservation

“The conservation of our planet’s resources is very important to us at Digicel. While we like to provide our customers with the option, we would like to sway them in a greener direction,” stated Shane McDonnell, sales director for Digicel Bermuda.

Digicel customers may view bills online by visiting and clicking “My Digicel” in the top right corner. Customers will need their account number and last invoice number to set up an online account for the first time.  Customers may also call Customer Care at 500-5611 or email to receive monthly statements via email.

“We want paying bills to be easy as well as environmentally friendly,” stated Ms. Williams. “There are six ways to pay a bill, three of which do not require the customer to come into the stores at all.  People are busy; who wants to wait in line these days?”

To avoid coming into the stores, customers may have their bills paid automatically with credit or debit cards, may pay at ATM machines, or may pay online through or through their bank website. 

Alternatively, customers may pay by cash or cheque in the stores or use an in-store payment kiosk to pay by credit or debit card.

More web, less paper

Prepaid customers may also do their part to help the environment by choosing to Top Up online instead of purchasing paper FLEX cards.  By going to, prepaid customers may register and select Top Up values for their own phones or to send to other prepaid phones.  Customers pay using their credit cards receive a confirmation SMS on the phone as well as a receipt on the computer screen.

During the month of July, Digicel is running a promotion on Online Top Up, allowing customers to receive double the credit when purchasing over $20 of credit. 

A full list of terms and conditions may be seen on their website.

“Surprisingly, so many of our prepaid customers choose to use the FLEX cards rather than topping up online. We wanted to provide an incentive for our customers to choose the paperless option and increase awareness that this option exists,” stated Shane McDonnell.

“We were originally going to run this promotion for the month of June only, but we had such an overwhelming response that we extended the promotion into July by popular demand.”

Digicel is not restricting its environment-conscious practices to customers.  The employees at Digicel are also conscientiously striving to reduce waste on a daily basis. 

The kitchen uses glassware and stainless steel cutlery to reduce waste caused by paper or plastic plates, cups and utensils.

Employees are encouraged to print only when necessary and all customer records are being moved from paper to electronic storage.

“It might sound like a cliché, but when it comes to the environment, we really are all in this together,” stated Wayne Caines, CEO of Digicel Bermuda. “Digicel is proud to do its part by making small changes that result in a major waste reduction.”