The master bedroom should reflect your personal style and taste so you can feel comfortable and relaxed.  *Photo supplied
The master bedroom should reflect your personal style and taste so you can feel comfortable and relaxed.  *Photo supplied

Your bedroom is your sanctuary — a place to relax and unwind, and to forget everyday worries.

So why not create a dream space in which to dream?

At Carey’s Visual Designs, interior designer Patrina Carey can create your wildest fantasies, from colonial to modern, the exotic to conservative.

Even in these lean economic times, Mrs Carey says it is possible to renovate and refurbish a master bedroom without spending a fortune.


She gives the following  advice:

• Repaint the room

A different colour can create a whole new feel. Having an ‘accent wall’ — one wall painted in a different colour, such as a lighter tone, can revolutionise a room.

• New fabrics

Have ‘accent’ pillows or cushions in a new fabric or shade. If you can afford it, buy a new bedspread to complement the colours of the room.

• Accessorize

Add an area rug or other accessories to help change the ‘space’ of the room.

• Lighting

New lampshades or fixtures, such as a ceiling fan, can also create a big difference.

• Have a focal point

Every room should have a focal point. This could be a fireplace or a window to dress up.

“You should have a focal point to grab the attention and give that ‘wow’ factor,” said Mrs Carey.

In creating a new look, Mrs Carey said it was important to take both the man and woman’s style preferences into consideration.

“It’s understanding both the clients’ needs and having something in the room that both of them can enjoy,” she said.

“You should always be able to go home to a room in which you feel comfortable. You should be able to rest your head down and feel relaxed.

“It should be your own personal space. Everyone’s taste is unique.”

Want to bring more romance to your life?

To improve atmosphere, Mrs Carey recommends the following:

• Colours

Colours can bring warmth to a room, but do not use very bright colors such as dark blue or green for walls, as they will create a ‘colder’ environment.

Use earthy colours and neutral tones such as beige/magnolia, as these will flatter the skin tones and create a more romantic vibe.

You can also go for warm colours such as yellows, oranges and reds.

• Textures

Bed textures such as satin sheets, pillows and silk bedspreads help to build up a romantic mood. Use soft and comfortable bed sheets which feel good against your skin.

• Lighting

Lighting is a key element in setting the right mood, so don’t use bright lights.

Use dim lights as they will make you and your partner feel more relaxed. An easy, cost-effective way is to install dimmer switches on your side table lamps.

You can also use colourful lighting to create an intimate feeling.

• Accessories

Select beautiful and attractive accessories to decorate the room.

These can include: Favourite pictures in unusual frames, paintings and sculptures; flowers in a vase; scented candles; fragrant room fresheners; and music, which will help to create a great ambiance.

Mrs Carey said: “Decorating a romantic bedroom is not that difficult as it looks.

“It just requires a little bit of effort and a creative thought to build up a romantic and lovely place.”

One of her clients recently requested a Moroccan-themed makeover of the master bedroom.

Mrs Carey stripped back the whole room, transforming it from ‘country’ style to an exotic boudoir of rich “royal tones” of purples, greens and reds.

For the focal point she created a ‘crown’ centerpiece above the bed, draping the mold of a decorative crown with rich-coloured fabrics and beading.

The bedside lampshades had a mosaic style while the window shade had purple hues to complement the rich purple bedspread.

In addition, the sliding door shade had a valence box which was accessorized with purple glass beads.

The walls were repainted in purple and a flooring company replaced the carpet with wooden paneling.

Carey’s Visual Designs can also replace and reposition windows to alter the lighting of a room.

From concept to completion, the lead time for a master bedroom makeover is usually two weeks, said Mrs Carey.

She has now introduced the Eastern Accents range of luxury mix-and-match bedding to her choice of furnishings, enabling you to further personalize your surroundings.

The order time for the Chicago company’s products is between four to six weeks.

“You can mix and match fabrics so that your furnishings are unique to you,” said Mrs Carey.

“This enables you to customize bedding and drapes, cushions, chairs and footstools.”

Examples of the collection include the Palm Canyon bedding range, which is inspired by isolated desert landscapes, with cool colours, contrasting textures, animal prints and faux leather.

Patrina Carey is a member of the Association of Design Education and a Certified Professional Home Stager/Redesign. Carey’s Visual Designs, The Design Centre, 129 Front Street, Hamilton. Call 234-4851 or e-mail [email protected]. Website