<strong>Customized</strong>: This unique vanity highlights the versatility of concrete. <em>*Photo supplied</em>
Customized: This unique vanity highlights the versatility of concrete. *Photo supplied

Not everyone is looking for predictable bathroom design solutions.

In fact, many homeowners want exactly the opposite — a bathroom that mixes the latest technology with bold aesthetics to create an exciting conversation piece. 

Customers are increasingly looking for handcrafted options to set their homes apart.

Concrete has the ability to add a special individual touch to your décor. 

This may come through its colour, texture, form or a combination of all of these elements.

At Concrete Works we provide the solution you need to create a space that reflects your style, whether it be modern or traditional.

We design and fabricate one of a kind, custom ecoBASIN sinks; standard semi-custom ecoBASIN sinks; vanity tops; tubs; wall panels and shower pans. 

All of our products are designed and handcrafted in our 2,000 sq ft fabrication studio here in Bermuda.

We will work with you to create a space that is tailor-made, beautiful and functional.

Concrete in the bathroom can be used in many different ways.

One client chose to use concrete as a vanity countertop material, in conjunction with porcelain vanity sinks.

We achieved a highly customized look by integrating a six-inch apron front and matching leg to support the vanity.

The design of the vanity creates a real sense of mass that anchors the bathroom whilst still allowing it to appear light and open.

The end result was a very unique vanity which highlights the versatility of concrete.

Homeowners can face many design challenges when trying to choose the right basin and fixtures to fit their style and their space.

Choosing an artisan concrete sink turns these limitations on their heads. 

A one of a kind concrete sink is the ultimate expression of customization in the bathroom. In a recent renovation we were asked to design and create one of our custom ecoBASIN sinks for a small powder room.

The homeowners choose bone, one of our 30 standard colours, to complement the limestone tiles that they had already selected. 

The front edge of the sink is curved so as to increase the floor space, and the sink was designed so it appears to float on the wall, foregoing the need to have a cabinet or vanity, again increasingly the visible volume of the room. 

For the other ensuite bathrooms in the house the client choose to use concrete for the vanity tops with double integral semi-custom ecoBASIN sinks.

On another project the homeowners of a penthouse apartment in the heart of the city, worked with Concrete Works to design a one of a kind sink that would complement their love for simple clean lines and modern design. 

A custom Penthouse platinum ecoBASIN sink was designed to be the focal point of their newly renovated master bathroom.

The resulting piece can only loosely be described as a sink. It almost appears to be a counter and sink at the same time. 

Water from the wall mounted faucets cascades onto a gently inclined surface and then flows over the edge into a narrow channel that surrounds the ramp on all four sides. 

The water seemingly disappears into a hidden slot drain, which leaves onlookers wondering how it works. Once you have seen and touched one of our ecoBASIN sinks in person your traditional notions of what a sink and indeed what concrete is will be redefined forever.