ON GUARD: Invisible Fence gives dogs the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.
ON GUARD: Invisible Fence gives dogs the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

The Invisible Fence product line has come a long way in the past few years when it comes to customization for pet owners.

With a variety of ways to suit the needs of each individual pet and can suit every type of yard.

The Boundary Plus system allows the dog to go as close to the line as possible, explains Rudi Zimmerer, owner of Invisible Fence Bermuda.

“With dogs being able to go right up to the wire it means that we can save space for tight installations,” says Mr Zimmerer. “It also gives pets the freedom of more space in their yard.

“The receiver only goes off when the dog crosses the line.”

The correction time to the receiver can also be customized for different situations depending on the behaviour of the dog.

“For a dog that bolts through the wire, which is rarely an issue but did happen, this no longer an issue. When the dog is on the wrong side of the wire the dog can receive correction for longer distances.”

The new systems adjustments have also seen a change in the way the correction works for the dog. It is an unpleasant sensation rather than something painful.

The Invisible Fence website explains that the correction “is similar to the sensation you feel when you run your hand across a TV screen or when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob. The sensation momentarily surprises you and gets your attention.”

“It has gotten more gentler because the new system has more adjustments and can be fine tuned for each animal,” says Mr Zimmerer.


The training can also begin earlier depending on the pet, says Mr Zimmerer.

“Before you had to wait and there was a bit of apprehension for owners when their dog starts wandering while out in the yard and they weren’t able to start the training. The correction levels can be adapted for every dog and can go up in tiny increments.

“Training usually takes about four sessions depending on the dog but most dogs are trained in four sessions.”

The system also allows home owners to customize exactly where their pets can wander in the yard. For some, the entire yard is free range, while others may prefer their dogs or cats to stay out of the flower beds.

“Shields can be created to protect different parts of the yard,” explains Mr Zimmerer. “There can also be different areas where different pets can mix or to protect cats from dogs.”

Invisible Fence also provides an indoor system to protect different areas of the home.

“Certain parts of the home can be blocked off from animals that you don’t wish to be in certain rooms. It can help protect certain areas inside the house.”

The system can be installed to prevent cats from jumping up on kitchen counters, prevent animals from getting into trash cans, on to beds or couches and even stop cats from climbing into the baby’s crib.

“This system can be programmed to very specific areas,” Mr Zimmerer says.

The batteries on the indoor system are rechargeable and the indoor product is wireless and can be mounted discretely.

“So it can even be on the dining room table to prevent animals from begging and you don’t even know it’s there,” says Mr Zimmerer.

The Invisible Fence system also comes with the knowledge of a trained installer.

“We don’t just sell a product off of a shelf to a customer that may not be suitable. We can provide what works best for their needs.

“The important thing and the advantage is that the system is customizable and fits the needs of the owner and their pet. n

For more information about Invisible Fence Bermuda contact 536-7761 or ifbda@transact.bm