<strong>Black beauty</strong>: The SPCA has sleek black cats ready for adoption. <em>*Photos supplied</em>
Black beauty: The SPCA has sleek black cats ready for adoption. *Photos supplied

Cats of all colours were revered and worshipped by the Egyptians and Romans.

But in the 17th century black cats started to be  associated with witches and sorcery.

Folk tales tell of witches turning into black cats to wander through the streets unnoticed, and since then these animals have been associated with superstition.


A superstition is a credulous belief or notion, not based on reason or fact.

Around the world, superstitious practices and beliefs are associated with situations involving risk, chance or uncertainty.

They are also employed during times of personal or social crisis — when events seem to be beyond human control.

Below are a number of superstitions that have been associated with black cats over the years. 

You will note that not all superstitions about black cats are bad luck.

The beliefs were dependent on what part of the world you lived in.

Good luck

  • Possessing a black cat
  • Having a black cat greet you at a door
  • Having a black cat enter your home
  • Meeting three black cats in succession
  • Touching a black cat.

Bad luck

  • Meeting a black cat early in the morning
  • Having a black cat turn its back on you
  • Scaring or driving away a black cat from your property
  • Walking under a ladder after a black cat has walked underneath it.


Despite these superstitions, the fact of the matter is that black cats are another living creature which requires love and attention, proper care and a healthy environment.

Help us to give that to every cat regardless of the season. Adopt a cat from the SPCA today.

Roma Hayward is the Humane Education Officer at Bermuda SPCA. Contact the SPCA at 236-7333 or go to: 32 Valley Road, Paget. Website: www.spca.bm. For more about black cats see http://cats.about.com.