<strong>Shake, rattle and roll</strong>: Elvis fiercely guards the park keeper&rsquo;s lawnmower. <em>*AFP photo</em>
Shake, rattle and roll: Elvis fiercely guards the park keeper’s lawnmower. *AFP photo

Elvis is an especially large, aggressive saltwater crocodile, who lives at a reptile park in Australia. 

He recently became incensed by the noise from a lawnmower when a keeper ‘dared’ to cut the grass in his enclosure.

The incident took place at the Australian Reptile Park in Gosford, Sydney.


Elvis lunged at the mower, sinking his extra large teeth into the machine, and dragged it deep into his pool where he ‘drowned’ the irritant.

For the next hour he guarded the mower, and if it dared to move in the water, he attacked it again.

Such hostile behaviour is entirely in keeping with this particular croc’s nature, for when he was first brought to the reptile park, he promptly attacked and ate two of his girlfriends.

To retrieve their lawnmower his keepers had to devise a plan to distract Elvis — with food as bait of course. 

While one keeper fed him a generous kangaroo steak, another jumped into the pool and pulled out the mangled mower.

Needless to say, it will never work again and nor will it ever make another irritating noise. That’s one chalked up to Elvis.

Saltwater crocodiles are the world’s largest living crocodilian and the most likely to eat a human. They live up to 70 years and can reach 17 ft in length and 1,000 lbs in weight. Worldwide there are an estimated 200-300,000, with a low risk of extinction.