Safety: Please make sure I’m on my leash when you take me for a walk.
Safety: Please make sure I’m on my leash when you take me for a walk.

While it may seem fun for fido to frolic in the park, on the beach or the Railway Trails, the Dog Wardens would like to reiterate that dogs must be on a leash when in a public place.

“It’s better for you and your dog if your dog is on a leash in a public space,” said a Dog Warden spokesperson.

“Even if your dog is friendly they may approach another dog that isn’t as friendly.”

The Dog Wardens also receive a lot of complaints from the public of being approached by a dog –– friendly or not.

“Not everyone loves dogs and that is one of the biggest complaints that we get. This tends to happen a lot where people will be on the Railway Trails and they will call us and say I don’t know this dog and it came running up to me and I’m scared of dogs, so we need to think about other people when we are out with our dogs,” the spokesperson said.

Other concerns include animals attacking another dog or a person.

“A lot of the times a dog will be off their lead and may get attacked by another more aggressive dog. Then the owner of the dog that was off their lead is quick to come to us and want something done about the aggressive dog.

“It comes down to the fact that owners are breaking the law if their dog is off their lead.”

The Dog Wardens man a Dog Hotline for people looking for more advice or tips about keeping their dogs safe and secure. The Dog Hotline can be reached on 239-2327.