FRIDAY, FEB. 17: I can see why it is hard to believe in a God, especially when you don’t take all equations into effect.

As a teenager, I did not believe in God. I mean, why would a God of love, mercy, peace, and all that good stuff allow evil to reign?

Evil people seem to be very prosperous and very happy. They strut about the Earth with their evil-doing selves and seem to be in control and very happy.

Whilst on the other hand, those pious people who strive to do good, seem to suffer one catastrophe after another.

How could there possibly be a God — I was convinced there was not. How could a God of Love allow slavery, terrorism, sexual abuse, whole nations suffering natural disasters, how, how and why?

Perhaps I will never get an answer; an answer that will give me 100 per cent satisfaction.

However, somewhere in the annals of my soul and my heart told me differently. Also, with age comes wisdom. I eventually was convinced that God does exist, despite the abundance of evil.

Too much good happened to denounce the existence of Allah, the Sublime.

Certainly as two masters cannot be served, good and evil cannot abide at the same time — hence one has to go. 

The prophecies say that good will prevail — Al hamdullilah (all praise is due to God), for I am sick of evil … aren’t you?

Evil is ugly and does no one, not even the evil perpetuator any good.  It eventually saps and destroys all that it encompasses.

As God is the overseer of Good, Shaytun (Satan) is the overseer of Evil.

In Surah Al-Nahl 16:90, “Allah commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He instructs you, that you may receive admonition.”

All the Abrahamic religions preach to do good so that you will be rewarded with goodness and peace.

And really, doing good within yourself, does give you that peace, even though calamities may still enter your life.

There is a deep inner something, I don’t know what it is — that just doing the right thing brings you better satisfaction.

A person whom considered himself to be evil, once gave this advice, “I’m an evil-doer and I prosper so I feel qualified to enlighten you to a simple fact regarding this dilemma you’ve posed — why does evil seem to prosper over good.

“Well I can tell you, evil-doers just try harder, work longer at it, and we have a plan. If ‘doers of good’ would adopt these ethics then they’d see some real results in no time at all.”

So you see, this coming from a self-confessed evil person — gives the advice of working harder to do good.

That seems to be the anecdote to combat evil in the world. Isn’t that what the good books have been telling us; drilling it into our heads to be righteous no matter what, and we will see the just rewards of our efforts. 

God is a just God and though evil seems to prosper we know that righteousness is the winner.

We can all bear witness to God’s incredible mercy in our lives, when He saved us from disastrous happenings.

The way that we disobey God day in and day out, it really is incredible how merciful He still is to us.

If we really think, we know that more good than bad exists. In reality the question should not be why does Allah allow suffering, but how much Allah protects us and saves us all the time in spite of our violations and negligence.

The Qur’an says: “If Allah were to punish people according to what they deserve, He would not leave on the back of the (earth) a single living creature: but He gives them respite for a stated Term: when their Term expires, verily Allah has in His sight all His servants” (Fatir:45).

God does exist and his promise is true. Believers face the sufferings with prayers, repentance, obedience and good deeds.

The non-believers face the sufferings with doubts and confusions. Where do you stand?

May Allah keep us on the right path, Ameen.