FRIDAY, FEB. 10: The garden that God planted set a blueprint of how you should live life and live it more abundantly.

God designed the Garden of Eden so that it was most conducive to success; He would never plan for something to fail. 

Therefore, as you look at the Garden of Eden yet again, you will see the love and benevolence your Heavenly Father has towards you; you will see how a true Father sets up his children for success and lays the best foundation them.


Then it is up to the children to choose whether they will obey their Heavenly Father and continue to live, or whether they will heed the other voices and go down a pathway of death.

Every gardener knows the value of water. There cannot be too much or too little water for irrigation and propagation. Water is needed for growth.

Indeed, even as you think about the human body, there is a large percentage of water in the body, and without the correct levels of water, the body will cease to operate at its optimum level.

Likewise, a garden will cease to operate at its optimum level without the appropriate amount of water. Water levels must be adequate in supply, not overly supplied.

Too much water will result in a flood or a drowning of life because there is no air space, which is needed to provide passage for oxygen.

Too little water produces a drought in which there is not enough lubrication to moisten the testa and cause the germination process to begin and continue.

As you look at the garden, you will see that God supplied water that had a particular purpose; it was no ordinary water.

In fact, how could it be ordinary, because after all, God was supplying the perfect waterworks system so that His creation (both seed and mankind) would experience nothing but success?

Let’s peek at the rivers and see how they were specially designed for God’s garden.

It needed the River Pison — here there is gold, bdelllium, and onyx stone.

This river is filled with wealth and beauty, which means that God has no issues with money or beauty.

However, the wealth and beauty must be under His remit.

Any wealth or beauty under the direction of vain and greedy human beings will bring the garden to ruin.

This beauty and wealth were for the entire garden and not just a particular portion of the garden.

You would do well to understand the heart of God, in that He meets the needs of the whole and not the few.

There is no slicing of the pie with God. He desires that all have equal access to the potential of wealth and beauty that the garden is capable of producing.

It needed the River Gihon — a gushing fountain, which figuratively collates to wisdom bursting forth.

Oh, what wealth you have when you allow your knowledge to be coated with a heavy portion of wisdom.

This is so important for mankind. Knowledge, and even genius, without the wisdom to apply it to the benefit of all, will result in the wise behaving as fools.


No! This wisdom must be used to bathe the garden in choices that will lead to all being abundantly blessed.

It needed the River Hiddekel — from hai ‘lively’, and digla ‘an arrow’.

God is all wise. God supplied a River that flows with passion.

That makes sense, for any time you have people who desire to do good, you will also discover other people who love to operate in evil and wickedness.

Hence, the people of God must understand that you serve a God who can fight your battles.

Be assured that God will cause you to experience a victory after each invasive attack.

The arrows of God have sure direction. Sad to say, but sometimes in an effort to live peaceably with all mankind, you will find that some people just love to fight.

Some people cannot live in joy, they must fight in order to fill fulfilled. No worries; God is your avenger. Your Father will fight for you.

It needed the River Euphrates — “the good and abounding river”.

This is my favourite river. I call it the ‘Blessings Abound’ River.

In other words, you must recognize that whatever you have been through, God will cause you to finish with the victory.

As long as your heart is good, your intentions are pure, and your hands are clean, you can be assured of blessings that abound.

God has an expected end for you and that end is good and not evil.

God has given you rivers with which to experience success: Pison —Wealth; Gihon — Wisdom; Hiddekel — War; Euphrates — Wonder.

Allow God to be the Master Gardener of your life. Fully rely on HIm.

Know that God will never fail you, because He cannot fail.

Know that what God has purposed shall come to pass as you make the right choices in your life. God is a Wonder.

Dr Maria A Seaman is the pastor of Shekinah Worship Centre, North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish.