FRIDAY, MARCH 2: I love the sound of the word ‘Honour’. 

When I say or hear the word ‘honour’ it just conjures up feelings of love and piety.

Let’s see what the dictionary says about honour. 

The New World Dictionary describes honour as a number of the following: To hold in respect or esteem; to show courteous behaviour towards something or someone; to worship; to confer a distinction upon; to accept and then pay when due; to keep one’s promise; to fulfill a previous agreement.

It is also a title used to address certain judges — hmm, so judges are conferred to be honourable — let’s pray they uphold this title and take it to heart when dealing and using good judgment.

Wouldn’t you agree that displaying honour is good — and could be just the answer to addressing a lot of societal ills?

We should all strive to be people of honour.

To be a person of honour requires discipline and respect for God and oneself as well as others.

However, God promises that He will give His servants what they strive for, as stated in the Quran, Surah An-Najm: “Man can get only what he strives for” (53/39).

To be a person of honour is a high calling, and one that reaps enormous benefits.

People of honour always uphold righteousness, always following their conscience to do the right thing.

They protect their most precious commodity which is honour. They live honourably by shunning arrogance and deceit.


They live life in humility, meekness, politeness and gentleness in obedience to what the Quran commands in Surah 63 of ayah Al Furqan: “And the servants of the Beneficent are they, who walk on the earth with humility,” and in ayah 37 of surah Bani Israel: “And go NOT about the land exultingly.” 

Bermudians were known for their honour. They carried it with them everywhere they went.

In the homes of Bermudians honour was in abundance. We safeguarded our honour, being careful of our actions towards one another.

We showed honour and it was given to us in return.

We travelled to work with honour and we took it with us to worship.

“Act well your part; there all honour lies.” Alexander Pope.

In Islam, honour is paramount; and Muslims must remember our motto of “Honour always”.

Abu Huraira reported that Allah’s Messenger said, ‘All things of a Muslim are inviolable for his brother in faith; his blood, his wealth and his honour’ (saheeh of muslim).

There has been a worldwide breakdown of honour; honour is certainly on the demise.

The world needs to return to honour; let us in Bermuda be the shining example and begin now to reclaim the precious commodity of honour. 

Honour is summarized beautifully when Leo C Rosten said: “I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honourable, to be compassionate.

“It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.”

Yes, I love the sound of the word honour and love the action of it even more — remembering — God gives man what he strives for. Ameen.