Those of you who did not attend the nine-week Vibrant Health Seminars series at the Botanical Gardens Visitor Centre missed out on an abundance of helpful, healthful information.

The series ran each Thursday evening between May 30 and July 25. The entrance fee was very affordable, and excellent information was provided at a low cost.

The Scriptures say in Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . .”.

These seminars provided abundant knowledge on health matters so basic, that even your teenage children would have understood them.

Martin and Condie Tickle, the medical missionaries, had guest speakers presenting delicious hot and cold teas made from Bermuda’s local indigenous herbs. One attendee commented: “I had never had hibiscus tea before and we discovered that it is high in vitamin C. At first, I was sceptical about tasting it, but wow I’ve discovered how delicious a flower tea can be.”

The fennel tea was also very nice and, as fennel is a liver detoxification herb, it’s good for you – and your liver will thank you for it.

In “Condie’s Condiment Corner” there were cooking demonstrations and free food samples. She demonstrated healthy delights like ‘Cheez’, ‘Mayo-Naze’, ‘Musterd’, Corn Butter and ‘Ketch-Up’ – all non-dairy and inexpensive, yet very tasty and simple to make in minutes.

The main presenter, Martin, had lots to share on lifestyle and disease-related topics such as nutrition, air, sunshine, temperance, water, rest, exercise and trust in God — showing how adjustments to these simple factors can create vibrant health from diseased bodies and minds.

A visiting eye doctor from California gave incredible information on the connections between diet and eye-diseases.

The ninth seminar was a real bonus. Popcorn was served during a special documentary that the missionaries had filmed in the Italian Alps — it was amazing. The evening ended with a knee hydrotherapy demonstration.

A typical evening’s programme included herbal teas, a practical healing demonstration (such as the use of charcoal to treat insect bites, and an easy lemon cure for headaches and migraines), a lifestyle presentation, ‘Condie’s Condiment Corner’, and freshly made soup and rolls.

Those who missed these seminars might want to catch the next. In the meantime, Vibrant Health Seminars is in its second phase of ministry. They offer natural health counselling, lifestyle planning, herbal and detoxification treatments, therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy (the use of water internally and externally to boost blood circulation).

For more information e-mail Vibrant Health Seminars at or check out their Facebook page at Vi Brant-Health.