TUESDAY, DEC. 4: Last night, Mr. Michael Dunkley issued a statement that has received little coverage in the media to date. He said, and I quote, "I must have received the report by email but do not recall it." This came on the heels of Mr. Craig Cannonier referencing the report at yesterday's press conference noting, and I quote, "Some report that existed four years ago."

These statements came just days after Mr. Cannonier called the report a "fabrication" and after a legal threat was issued in a vain attempt to muzzle the media.

Now, earlier today, it's been revealed that Michael Dunkley commented on the report in a Royal Gazette article dated 17 September 2009.

The evidence is overwhelming. And, it's time to tell it like it is. This is a cover up, plain and simple.

The Opposition attempted to cover up the fact that they called for the use of "black surrogates" while hiding their real leader behind the scenes. They attempted to cover up the fact that the report called some of us "downscale" and "less educated." And, they attempted to cover up the fact that their whole reason for existence, the renaming and rebranding of the UBP was little more than a desperate attempt by the old UBP guard to regain power. The plan is spelled out in great detail in the report.

This is a very sad tale indeed. What more will they do to perpetuate a fraud on Bermudians? If Mr. Dunkley is indeed offended by the report as he said in September 2009, why have they remained silent as to whether or not the author of the report, Mr. Marius Penczner, is still working with them?

Dr. Grant Gibbons and Mr. Glen Smith, both now OBA politicians, have thus far refused to acknowledge whether or not they received or have seen the report. This issue should matter to every Bermudian because it speaks to the character of people that want to lead this country. Bermudians need to ask themselves what these people are really all about and what else they might be hiding.

In light of this exposed cover up and yesterday's troubling press conference by Mr. Cannonier, we believe that now, more than ever, Bermudians deserve to have their questions answered in a televised debate.

I can report that, as of this afternoon, the OBA has not responded to our notice of continued interest in a debate.

The Premier remains ready, willing and able to debate Mr. Cannonier and we reiterate our call to the OBA to sit down and hash out the details for a televised debate.

Time is running out. Let's make it happen.