Mr Rabain said that he's excited about the chance of represent the people of Bermuda. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Mr Rabain said that he's excited about the chance of represent the people of Bermuda. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, DEC. 28: A fresh-faced team of three young PLP Senators was officially unveiled at Government House yesterday.

Diallo Rabain was named as the Opposition Senate Leader, while lawyer Marc Daniels and businesswoman Renee Ming fill the two remaining spots for the PLP in the Upper Chamber.

Mr Rabain, who served in the Senate for a year previously, pledged to work constructively with senators from across the political divide for the good of all Bermudians.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “We have the opportunity to try a different course in Opposition.

“Previously those in opposition have mostly complained about one thing or another and not put forward ideas.

“We will support what needs to be supported, challenge when it is needed and lead when required.

“This is a formidable team and it brings a wealth of personal skills to the table.”

Mr Rabain said that despite his party’s disappointment in the General Election and his own defeat to Sylvan Richards in Constituency 7, he was excited about the chance of represent the people of Bermuda.


The Shadow Minister for Environment and Planning added: “Knowing that the leader believes in me is a huge vote of confidence.

“These appointments show we are a forward thinking party. We are not just thinking about the next election, but the next five elections”

Mr Rabain, Mr Daniels and Ms Ming will join Government Senators Michael Fahy and Nalton Brangman in the Upper Chamber.

The remaining six Senators that will include three more OBA representatives and three independents, have yet to be officially announced.

Although it is widely believed that the OBA will announce rising stars Jeff Baron and Nick Kempe as two of their final three choices.

Mr Daniels told the Sun he hoped to offer a balanced perspective and insight in his role as Senator.

Mr Daniels said: “I am a child of Bermuda and I have always wanted to become involved in politics. Politics affects all of our lives, so to be given this opportunity is a huge honour.

“Marc Bean came to me in person and said I could bring a lot of skill and value to the Senate - that is very humbling. He has shown confidence and trust in me and I will work hard to repay that.”

While Ms Ming, who narrowly lost the battle for St George’s West by just four votes to Nandi Davis, said she was ‘willing and able’ to work hard for the community.

She added: “My background is service to the community in various forms including the Corporation of St George’s.

“So I look forward to serving the people of Bermuda in this new capacity in the Senate.”