Perks, parked: GP cars await their new drivers, at the government quarry in Bailey’s Bay. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Perks, parked: GP cars await their new drivers, at the government quarry in Bailey’s Bay. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, DEC. 21: An open field behind the Bailey’s Bay quarry may seem like an odd location for a car showroom.

But these 12 vehicles, lined up in a starting grid formation, are a little bit different.

They formed the fleet of GP-licensed Toyotas that were handed out to the previous Government’s Ministers when they were appointed to the Cabinet.

All Minsters had to return their vehicles prior to Monday’s General Election and they have been sitting on the grass in Hamilton parish ever since.

As part of the election preparation Ministers also had to hand back their Government iPads, cellphones and credit cards.

Last night the OBA vowed to cut the GP fleet in a bid to reduce ‘wasteful Government spending’.

And a spokesman for the party said they could reduce the fleet down to just six vehicles.

The spokesman added: “The OBA Government will follow through on its commitment to reduce wasteful government spending, as outlined in its election platform.

“The reduction in the number of GP-licensed cars was identified as one of the ‘immediate steps’ we can take toward that goal.

“The plan to do so will extend to the entire fleet of vehicles, with car-pooling already identified as one option to reduce the number of ministerial cars - possibly down to six.

“Before making any further comment on this cost-saving step, we will work out the critical transportation needs across the entire government as well as disposition arrangements.”

Yesterday as the new Cabinet was sworn in at Government House the fleet of GP cars remained out in Bailey’s Bay with the notable absence of Dame Jennifer Smith’s GP-licensed Peugeot.

The Royal Gazette reported that Dame Jennifer sold the vehicle, which she owned, to Government for just $1 as a cost saving measure. But it is unclear whether she has kept her car or if it will remain part of the Government fleet.

The changeover of power on Monday prompted a raft of administrative changes in government offices that have already begun to take place behind closed doors.

It has also meant former PLP Ministers have had to clear their offices in advance of the arrival of their OBA replacements.