Bermuda san shou fighter Jermal Woolridge. *Photo supplied
Bermuda san shou fighter Jermal Woolridge. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17: Jermal Woolridge can count himself among the world’s best. The san shou fighter has been invited to the Sixth Sanda World Cup, being held in Wuyishan, Fujian Province in China from October 21 to 26.

The Sanda World Cup is an invitation-only event, which features the top three fighters in every weight division from the 11th World Wushu Championships which was held in Ankara, Turkey in 2011. 

Bermuda head coach Garon Wilkinson feels confident in the fighter’s ability to fair well in the World Cup.

Wilkinson said: “I am very happy with Jermal’s preparation for the World Cup. I have to offer him praise for taking the initiative to invest in his own development by travelling overseas to train in order to better his skills and fitness level. 

“This gives him the opportunity to train and spar with bigger and better opponents, something he cannot do here locally. 

“All of his preparation this year has been for this upcoming tournament so we are hoping that everything comes together.” 

“We have seen all of his opponents in action before and we both realize that his biggest challenge will be from China. They have met before in the ring. We know the strategy to emerge the victor it’s just a matter of being able to implement it.”

Woolridge will face Yanzhao of China, Rudkovskyi Oleksandr of Ukraine and Sang Jung Lee in an elimination tournament format.